Procedure to Get Employment visa in Dubai (UAE)

After your acceptance for a job in Dubai (UAE), the main step now is how to get employment Visa and fly off to Dubai (UAE). All non-UAE citizens who plan to work in Dubai (UAE) require a residency visa, which allows them to obtain a work permit (labor card) issued by the Ministry of Labor. There are simple steps and simple procedure which will help in carrying out this process smoothly. There are three types of Work permits.[irp]

Types of Work Permits of Dubai (UAE)

  • One for private sector role which is of 3 years and there is a range of evidence required to support their application.
  • Second is the public-sector permit, it also lasts a maximum of three years. However, the supporting documents that are required for this application differ greatly. Generally, this category of Dubai (UAE) work visa is easier to obtain.
  • The third one is Short-term Dubai (UAE) work visa which also allows you to work in UAE. This ranges in duration; however, it still grants the same rights to live and work in Dubai (UAE). This may be the best option if the employee is on a short-term contract.

Procedure to Get Employment visa in Dubai (UAE)

Initially, the Employer needs to start the procedure and paperwork. For that, the first and foremost thing is that the employee should be eligible for the process. The employer is responsible for doing all the starting paperwork for the employee’s visa and sponsors the process and pays the employment visa processing fee.

The employer should get an approval for the employee from Ministry of Labor or relevant alternative authorities. The main criteria of Ministry for granting an employment permit are to satisfy itself that there are no unemployed nationals who can perform the relevant job.

The immigration department will then verify the details and contact the employee. The processing time depends on the area of jurisdiction. Approximately five to seven working days are required for most zones in Dubai (UAE), and ten to fifteen working days for others, but this may vary.

There are few documents and details required from the employee to proceed which includes a blood test and chest X-ray for HIV(AIDS), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis (TB), Leprosy, and for which the employee needs to go to some government hospital or clinic. If any of these are positive the person is deported.

This medical exam along with two passports sized photos and photocopies of passport, written job offer verification and employment visa application (the one completed by your employer) should be submitted to the Department of Health and Medical Services. This will help the employee to obtain a health card which is mandatory.

The next step is to submit some documents (passport-sized photo, three copies of employment contract and photocopies of the entry visa, medical records and employer's labor license.) to Dubai (UAE)'s Ministry of Labor office to obtain labor card

Application for residence visa from the Dubai (UAE) General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs is the final step. This also requires the same documents.