6 Rights of Airline Passengers in Saudi Arabia everyone should know

Saudi Arabia has a heavy load of flights especially due to traveling of expats and Umrah pilgrims inside and outside the Kingdom. This hefty flight schedule brings various responsibilities on Airport and flight authorities. Passengers pay a huge amount to buy air tickets and in return, they expect a customer-oriented service.

Growing air travel creates the need for more compatible arrangements to facilitate passenger at maximum. Passengers have various rights regarding being facilitated during their air journey to the Kingdom. Some of the rights of air passengers in Saudi Arabia are as follows;

  1. Rights of Air Passengers in the case of Delayed Flight

GACA regulations explained different compensations for the passengers according to the time duration of flight’s delay. We have covered in detail the compensation to be paid by Airlines to Flight Passengers in case of Delays. The compensation is about SR 300 per hour.

  1. Compensation for canceled or delayed flight

The General Authority of Civil Aviation’s (GACA) customer protection department has made it clear that the passengers have a right reserve of claiming 100% ticket refund and compensation over the flight that was canceled. This is valid when the air carrier notifies the passenger of flight cancellation 14 days before the original time of travel.

If the air carrier notified the passengers of the International flight cancelation between 14 days and 24 hours of the original time of the travel, then the passenger has the right of either opting of cancelling ticket and getting 100% ticket refund or chose an alternative flight that is scheduled within 24 hours of the original travel time.

As for the domestic flight cancellation, if the air carrier had notified the passengers 7 days before the original travel time of the flight cancellation, the passengers have the right to claim 100% refund of the ticket.

However, if the domestic flight cancellation was notified 7 days and 24 hours before the original time of travel, the passenger has the right of either claiming the 100% refund or scheduling a flight within 24 hours of the original travel time.

In the case where the air carrier is unable to inform the passenger about the international or domestic cancellation of flight within time (just 24 hours and 4 hours before the originally travel time) and the air carrier is unable to provide an alternative flight to the passenger.

In that case, the passenger would have to seek flight of another air carrier: thereby it is duty bound on the air carrier to offer a ticket refund which is equivalent to 100% of the value.

  1. Rights of passengers for Security of baggage

Passengers pay a huge amount for air travel. It is a right of all passengers that their luggage should be taken care to avoid any mishap on their way to Kingdom. In case baggage is lost, related flight authorities have to pay a passenger a certain amount as indicated in their terms and conditions. When luggage gets damages, the loss has to be compensated.

  1. Refunds of extra charges

Extra charges deducted from air tickets like seat selection charges, donations for charity, etc. should be refunded to passengers in case they could not board on the respective flight due to airline failure. 

  1. Handling of passengers for overbooked tickets

There are several passengers who board another flight or may miss their flight due to any reason. Airport authorities have the right to overbook the ticket for missing passengers.

The passengers must be offered fair compensation in case his seat is overbooked. The consensus of customers is mandatory to overbook the seats already booked for passengers. It happened to me once when I reached the airport; I was informed that my confirmed seat has been given to some other passenger.

I will be given a seat on the next flight. Well, I contacted everyone with whom I could contact that time at the airport. Finally, I was given a seat in the business class. I enjoyed the business class ticket in the fare of economy class. I could raise my voice only because I knew about my rights.

  1. Handling of passengers for missing flights

Airport authorities offer one hour for checking in before flight time for passengers. In case passengers are late more than one hour before the flight, they have no right to check in and to board for the booked flight.

In this case, he has to follow the process for re-booking of the flight. The passengers have to be compensated for their missed flights due to any reason.

  1. Special Needs passengers

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has stated that airlines do not have the right to refuse to board people with special needs after tickets have been issued.

GACA said that if the air carrier does not provide the necessary services, then the passenger shall be compensated with 200% of the total value of the ticket if the special need of the client was disclosed before the booking was completed.

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