No More Exit Re-Entry Visas for Expatriates – Businesses demand from Saudi Govt

Why do we need exit re-entry Visa? Saudi Arabia is a place where expats feel free to conduct businesses, visit for jobs and stay happy due to the corporate-friendly environment. Expats from Arab, Asian and even European regions visit Kingdom and feel happy to invest here.

Due to the large-scale supply of oil, ‘Black gold” businesses across the world admire Saudi Arabia for business culture. People who come to visit for their professional and business purposes, find it difficult to fulfill the requirement of exit re-entry visa system while leaving Saudi Arabia.

A Petition: Recently major business executives have filed a petition to the Saudi government to remove the requirement of Exit and re-entry visa system. It has been mentioned in the request that the waiver of exit re-entry visa would be beneficial for the business sector in Saudi Arabia.

People across the world with competent skills and huge investments are willing to be part of the Saudi corporate sector, but this re-entry visa requirement creates hurdle in attracting them to invest their skills and money over here.

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What if the Government waives the requirement of Exit Re-Entry Visa? In case government waives the requirement of this re-entry visa system, it would not only stabilize the economy of Saudi Arabia but would also enhance standards of business culture.

Business executive Irshad Cader requested it in Jeddah that those who have valid iqama should be treated as residents and should be provided with ease of freely moving inside and outside the Kingdom.

Iqama holder should be allowed to re-enter the Kingdom until they have not stayed more than 6 months outside the Kingdom. This practice would not only encourage the talented and willing expats to enter and work in Kingdom for the betterment of the economy.

Iqama for 5 years: Another suggestion from one of the businessmen was that people with iqama should be issued five- year resident permits. In case once a permit is issued to a businessman or professional he would be able to visit Kingdom off and on until a permit becomes expire.

It will not only enhance the frequency of in and out visits of businessmen but would also submit a huge amount in lieu of iqama issuance fee to the government.

It is estimated that in case SR 5,000 is to be charged as permit fee per expat, total fee would go in billions as there are more than 10 million expats residing in Saudi Arabia.

The permits will not only help in generation of the huge amount for Saudi finance ministry but would also provide ease to expats to visit Kingdom during 5 years of permission without any further legal formality.

The Policies to attract the investment: He further mentioned that the government needs to introduce such policies for attracting foreign rich and talented expats to give stability to the economy of the Kingdom.

The business experts also suggest sponsorship policies for expats who are earning well in lieu of their salaries in Kingdom. By bringing their families in Kingdom they would feel relaxed and will stay inside the country for longer duration comparatively.

Source: Arab News