10 Things you will find in every Saudi House

Since the man has left deserted and wild spaces to live a well settled and high standard life, a process of revolution has been started. During every time, in every era, there were some specific norms and habits of human beings. These norms and habits have evolved with the passage of time. Based on different cultures and nations, people have different living standards. Some characteristics of cross cultures are similar and some vary in different ways. KSA has multi-nations residing inside. They all have different norms, belong to different ethnic backgrounds and follow differing traditions. Despite different cultures and backgrounds, Saudis have few things in common which prevail across the whole Kingdom. People have few things at all levels in their homes. The list of those few common things is as follows;

Religious Paintings: If you visit a Saudi house, you would always found a religious painting on the wall having a Quranic ayat written on it. It completes the tradition of Saudi Arabia same as written on Flag of KSA.

Gold rim glasses: Saudi people have glasses having gold rim over them. They use to boost about their wealth by presenting to their guest's beverages in these costly glasses.

Tea bags of Lipton brand: Whosoever is living inside the Kingdom, a Saudi, an Asian, a European or any other national. Everyone has black tea bags in their homes. These tea bags are very common and being an addict to tea, people like most to serve and have tea with their guests and family members.

Diversified Teacups: People in KSA always have two kinds of tea cups. They use ordinary quality cups for their own use and spare high-quality cups for their guests.

Powdered and Syrup drinks: Beverages are liked by all, family members and guests. So people in KSA commonly purchase a different kind of drinks for their own use and for their guests as well.

Tinned beans and pearls plus corn: Every house in KSA manages some boiled and ready-made beans and corns tins in order to facilitate guests and family members with lavish meals in case of any emergency. It also enables people to present tasty ready-made salads to their guests as a courtesy.

Cheese: You visit a Saudi house and you found no cheese? That’s just impossible. Cheese is the basic ingredient of a Saudi home. People just love to use cheese for their own to present their guests.

Olive and pickle Jar: Olive and pickle jars are a tradition of Saudi culture. They are necessary to complete a Saudi house. They are not only used for preservation of olives and pickles but also considered important for the decoration of kitchen cabinets and dining hall.

National paraphernalia: The national Paraphernalia is the basic part of every home. Saudis are proud to be Saudis. They show it by using paraphernalia it can be found attached to a Saudi car, jewelry item, car charm or any other place inside or outside the home.

Prayer beads: They are must same like Quran or any other necessary Islamic item present in Saudi house.

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