Is it suitable for me to come to Saudi Arabia on Driver’s visa?

There are many people especially from Asian countries who just want to come to Saudi Arabia even if they are given a visa which does not suit their profession. Some agents offer them driver visa and they accept it without even consulting anyone about the consequences they may have to face after entering Saudi Arabia.

Complications with the Driver's Visa: There many complications related driver’s visa in Saudi Arabia. People have raised questions from me on my blog about the driver’s visa and I have tried to answer them from the knowledge I have gain by living in Saudi Arabia. I think one must need to read it before making the final decision on getting a visa.

Question 1: Does driver visa convert to other category or can I change my profession later? I am an engineer and one of my friends is asking me to come to Saudi Arabia on driver visa & change profession later after getting the job over there. Driver visa is not a company driver visa it is purchased by a local Kafeel.

Answer by Steve: There are several types of Driver Visas. If you are initially awarded a visa for the driver of the company, you can change the profession of your Iqama. Moreover, you can also be transferred to any other company.

If you are awarded the profession of individual driver, it means you can neither change your profession nor transfer to any other company. You can only be transferred to some other individual. So, it is my suggestion not to get this kind of visa for you.

Question 2: I am a driver in a company but my iqama profession is SERVICE MECHANIC. Can I easily change the profession to driver online?

Answer by Steve: Your Kafeel will have to do it. Yes, there is no problem in converting to Driver's profession if you have valid Driving License. You need to follow a certain procedure which has been explained in this link “Changing Iqama Profession

Question 3: I am in India and my dad is in Saudi Arabia and he is taking a driver visa for me. I am an MBA graduate. If I come to Saudi Arabia on a driver visa, will I be able to transfer to visa matching my job once I get a good job?

Answer by Steve: Make sure he is not taking driver visa for the domestic worker. In the case of domestic workers, they cannot change the Iqama profession. They cannot be transferred to another Kafeel!

Question 4: House driver profession can be changed or not?

Answer by Steve: No, it cannot be changed.

Question 5: Company Driver visa can be changed with the safety profession.

Answer by Steve: Yes, company driver profession can be changed. You need to follow a certain procedure which has been explained in this link “Changing Iqama Profession

Question 6: Hi, we are Australian Citizens and want to visit Saudi with family Visit Visa just for two weeks. My wife's brother is working as House Driver.

We will have our own accommodation and finance etc. The driver profession is not on your list. Is any hope for us getting family visit visa?

Answer by Steve: A person with the profession of Driver cannot bring his family on a visit visa legally. Yes, there are illegal ways to get visas but these are very expensive and I do not suggest anyone to involve in it.