6 basic reasons our children misbehave in Saudi Arabia

On this blog, we have discussed many social aspects of Society. Today, we shall be discussing the issue of misbehavior of Children in Saudi Arabia. I think all of us have felt that Children can be rude, misbehaved, and unacceptably naughty sometimes.

Yes, they are children so we cannot blame them but there is something for which we need to think about. Why do they act like this? Before going to the reason of misbehavior, I would like to quote some experiences.

However, it is important to mention here that I have also met with many of children who are well mannered and they show up a good gesture.

Experience 1: These were the early days of my arrival in Saudi Arabia and I was sitting in a park along the road. I was with one of my friends and we were eating something. A group of children (9,10 years old) came there on cycles and they thrashed cycle into our meal.

732 6 basic reasons our children misbehave in Saudi Arabia

I was going to shout but my friend stopped me. They went away without even uttering a single word of “SORRY”. Another time, my cousin was sitting on a bench in a mall with her daughter. A child came there and started beating his daughter. Soon his mother came and dragged 4,5 years old child to another place.

A common gesture of not uttering even a single word of “SORRY” or in Arabic “Maalish” was there. Now, let’s come to the point, why Children misbehave in the public? Well, there are several reasons for it and I would like to narrate them one by one.

1-We don't have time for our children: I think all of you would agree that nowadays, most of us don’t have time for our children. Yes, PlayStation is there to keep them busy, they also have new gadgets to play video games but they don’t have father or mother to spend time with them.

Believe me, your children don’t need anything else but your time. It is more important for them as compared to anything else.

732 6 basic reasons our children misbehave in Saudi Arabia 02

2-The Schooling System: Another reason is the schooling system. I personally feel that classes of behavior and manners are missing from Schools. Children should be taught how they need to act in malls, on the dining table, while entering to the room etc. My 8 years old nephew came from the USA and identified one of my mistakes.

He used to keep the door of any mall, store or office open until all the people behind him had entered the room. These are manners which need to be taught to children as well.

3-House Training: The most important place to learn is “House”. Unfortunately, the divorce rate in Saudi Arabia is very high which has adversely damaged the most important education unit of the society.

When children see their parents fighting to each other from the childhood, it creates a negative approach in their mind. When parents are in tension, they cannot focus on their children as they should.

732 6 basic reasons our children misbehave in Saudi Arabia 03

4-No Physical Activities: It has been seen that children in Saudi Arabia hardly spend any time in physical activities and playing actual physical games. There is something called “Negative Energy”.

If children don’t do physical chores like playing games on daily basis, the energy they have changes into negative energy and creates tension and bad attitude among them.

5-Children follow their elders: When they see their elders doing reckless things, they try to do it themselves. For example, when a child will see his elder brother drifting of a car, how do you think he can get away with this?

6-The Media has also played a very negative role in the upbringing of our children. In the movies and cartoons they watch on daily basis, the characters are lazy, unmannered and unorganized.

Children idealize them and change their lifestyles according to that. Keep in mind, in the children world, these characters are the real people with whom they spend several hours daily.