10 Steps to write a perfect Cover Letter

CV is the most important application to present your very first impression to your employer. It should present concise and precise information should be mentioned in you Curriculum Vitae. In case something is missing in your CV, your cover letter can help you in this regard. Present and write your cover letter in such a way that would summarize your skills and career ambitions. If a cover letter is presented in a compact style it will enable the employer to have a concise idea about your experience and qualifications. Write a cover letter ranging from 2 to 4 paragraphs. The more a cover letter is perfect, the more chances you have for getting selected for your dream job. We have provided some steps to write a perfect cover letter in the following paragraphs.[irp]

Salutation: Always start the cover letter text with a salutation. The better a salutation text is, the better you know about operations and nature of a company. It will enhance intimation if your address the recruiting person by name. Start by saying Ms/Mr./Sir/Madam leading to name of the person. In case you don’t know the name of the person, mention his worthy designation to develop familiarity like Dear Human resource manager etc.

Designation: Mention clearly the designation for which you are applying and your aim and career goals related to that designation. Show your interest in the job in order to assure him that you are interested in heart for working with them like I would like to be part of your esteemed organization as operation manager etc.

Justify your position: In a concise text answer the basic questions of the employer by stating that you are the most eligible person for the job. Don’t try to be over confident in this regard. Just try to justify your position in order to satisfy the recruiter. Mention the answer of the following question shortly and precisely.

What are grounds for your qualification for a particular designation?

What are your expertise and experience regime related to the work you are applying for?

What is your basic ambition and expectation behind your wish to join this company for work?

In one paragraph answer all above-mentioned questions and try to convince the recruiter that you are the best candidate for this position. Once you will convince him that you are a most appropriate candidate, chances for your final selection will become more brighten.

Follow up: Mention the time you will take for follow up towards CV for desired job application. Let him know that after how much time you will be looking forward to interviewing call or process.

Contact details: Mention your contact details at the end of the cover letter. Mention your contact numbers, email addresses, and alternative contact details in order to facilitate recruiter to contact you. Mention it that CV and rest of the info which is required for job recruitment are attached with Email.

Gratitude: Thank the employer for their time and worthy attention for reviewing your job application and express hope for the call for the interview process.


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