Why do Housemaids commit murders in Saudi Arabia?

I happened to read the news in the newspaper about housemaid murdering the Kafeel or someone from his family members. This is not the first time this kind of news is published. Almost all of us have heard about the housemaids killing innocent children and women in-charge of the house. Why are these housemaids killing these people? This question should be raised in your mind if you are having an empathetic mind. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not very simple. We will have to dig into the problems which they face while working.[irp]

Why Housemaids come to Saudi Arabia? A question upon which all of us should focus, why do they come in Saudi Arabia? The only purpose of their arrival in Saudi Arabia is killing people? I think all of us will say a big “NO”. They belong to needy poor families in their countries. They come here so that their children can survive in their countries with a reasonable life. The most difficult thing for a mother is to leave her children. These housemaids do it for the sake of giving better lifestyle to their children. They don’t come here for the whole life; they plan to come for some years so that they can manage some savings and go back to their country and live with their children. They want to work in the houses and most the housemaids do it properly. So, if they come to earn their living, why do they commit such drastic crimes of killing innocent people?

Domestic Worker Laws in Saudi Arabia: A long time ago in the beginning of June 2014, I have published an article on this blog about the domestic worker rights in Saudi Arabia by Ministry of Interior. To my greatest surprise, this blog was the first one which talked about the rights of domestic workers in Saudi Arabia. I did not talk about the rights for which they should be entitled to; I mentioned those rights for which they are entitled to as per Ministry of Interior. So, it is now established that they have rights in Saudi Arabia. But are they given all the rights of the employers they are entitled to?

Treatment by the Employers with Housemaids: We have to accept this reality if we want to improve something in Saudi Arabia that the general treatment of housemaids by the employers is pathetic. With few exceptions, most of the employers don’t treat housemaids as human beings. They are not given rights to which they are entitled to as per Saudi Labor Law. In fact, they are not even given human rights to live with independence. Most of the housemaids are beaten by the employers, they are not treated well, and they are not given proper food as per their need.[irp]

Stories of nonpayment of wages, abuse and violence are also common, all of which put maids under great stress. In my opinion, this is the main reason of housemaids committing such cruel crimes. I do not advocate them as killing anyone cannot be substantiated with this kind of arguments but somehow, we are also one of the reasons to these crimes.