6 Things to avoid on Saudi National Day!

The Saudi National Day is an important day celebrated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia every year on the 23rd of September. Like every true nationalist, the citizens have a lot of plans for this day trying to make the most of it and celebrate it as much as they can.

The Saudi National Day, however, shouldn't just be about celebrations but also about adopting responsibility for one's actions. On this day most of us forget the idea that everything we do or say may not be very helpful or very appropriate even if we wish to do it for all the right reasons. Here is a list of activities you should not perform and avoid at Saudi National Day.[irp]

1.Sometimes we get a bit too carried away while celebrating such as the use of fireworks. The use of fireworks is not suitable since this can be the basis for a lot of serious injuries. Many children consider fireworks the ideal thing for celebrations to light up the night and draw as much attention. Fireworks are not only dangerous for the humans but also for the ecosystem. Why harm nature?

2.Make sure that on this Saudi National Day our actions and acts does not make us shine on every news platform for the all the wrong reasons. Being a resident of this country, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that our state is litter free and always clean.

We must take care of our grounds, parks, roads. We shouldn't get carried away in all the celebrations and forget that this is a Day given to us by our forefathers. On this day it should be our objective to clean up even those areas that are not clean or litter free the whole year round.

With this, we must make sure that our dances and celebrations do not affect the lives of our fellow citizens. Not everyone has the same way to enjoy National Day. Make sure that you respect the others opinion just as much.

3.Around the globe, most accidents occur on national days of certain countries due to road accidents. The reason behind this is probably because of going out for long drives, drifting, fast driving to enjoy the night and showcase their National Day decorations on their cars and certain vehicles. Make sure you follow the Decoration Guidelines for Saudi National Day.

4.Make sure that you do not use such tint or paint on the windows of your cars and vehicles that it becomes extremely difficult for you to see, giving a higher risk of car accidents. Along with this make sure that you are not sitting on the windows or on top of the vehicles while the vehicle is in motion. I have observed that many people find it quite amusing to sit in the car with their whole heads sticking out of the car. This is an extremely dangerous act and people should take care of it.

5.Make sure of the fact that dancing is alright and a good way to express your hyper-ness and happiness for the day but it is not by any means right to exhibit your dance to the world by dancing in the middle of the road. Instead, you could do the same dance on the sidewalks and yet go unnoticed.

6.On this day make sure that you do not violate any laws. This day is about making and thanking our forefathers and not for making them ashamed of the people that are present to take care of their land. We should try and do as much as we can to make sure that the world sees on the best side of Saudi Arabia!