A Comparison of the food offered by Top 6 Airlines of the Middle East

Middle Eastern Airlines have made their name all around the world due to their professionalism and customer friendly approach. Most of you will disagree with this since there are many Airlines in the Middle East which are famous for their pathetic treatment with the passengers. But there are few Airlines which are ranked among the Top 5 Airlines of the world e.g. Emirates Airline and Qatar Airways. People all around the world love to travel in this irrespective of the country they are traveling from. Today, I am giving a comparison of food offered by Middle Eastern Airlines to their passengers. It can be a determining factor while selecting the airline for your next travel.

SAUDI AIRLINES: Saudi Arabian Airlines in-flight cuisine is prepared according to world class standards, combining the art of haute cuisine with the science if food technology. In Saudi airlines, there are three different menus for middle-east and Asian flights, European flights and North American flights. All three of the menus contain scrumptious food which would do any Michelin star restaurant proud. As the traveling time of Asian Flight is short, therefore, a fast service was designed while keeping the verity of cuisine constant. A three-course meal is served in the first class flight with a wide selection of juices, soft drinks, diet drinks and hot drinks. The entrée is a mixed salad of fresh vegetables offered with a choice of dressing.

The choices of main courses are Beef mince, Grilled chicken Break and Prawn Biryani with Mocha Cream cake and seasonal fresh fruit slice as dessert. On European and North American flights passengers are welcomed on board with canapé and their choice of fresh juices. Then a four-course meal is presented to them with snacks and beverages after short intervals throughout the flight. Passengers on special meals may enjoy their choice of healthy choices. The hors d’oeuvres are a rich variety and are a choice between Iranian caviar, Seared Scallops and Arabic Mezzah and assorted cold meats. The second course consists of soups which include cream of chicken and fresh vegetables, minestrone soup, pumpkin soup and freshly tossed salad. The main course consists of Lamb kouzi, Crayfish Thermidor, Fresh roast cod, Chicken stuffed Breast, beef steak, and Lobster Newburg. The dessert is a choice of chocolate gateau, apple pie, coffee-flavored tiramisu gateau and warm chocolate brownies with chocolate sauce.

Emirates Airline: Similar to the Saudi Airlines the menu for emirates is also different for different regions of the world. This is the second Middle Eastern flight which provides alcoholic beverages along with the four-course meal. Emirates is the prime airlines for Dubai and like everything in Dubai, this airway’s meals are like gourmet restaurants meals on air. The menus are different but the passengers have a choice between three to four entrées, main courses, and desserts. The vines of emirate airways are from the best vineyards of the world and are chosen on the basis of quality, not fame.[irp]

QATAR AIRWAYS: Qatar airways also provide a fine alcoholic beverage with the most sumptuous food with breakfast of apple pancakes, or cheddar cheese omelets, grilled chicken sausage and baked beans. The mains are a choice between vegetables, chicken or beef dish. Sandwiches and ice creams are available throughout the meal.

ETIHAD AIRWAYS: The award-winning onboard chefs and food and beverages manager on the Etihad airways are recruited from finest restaurants around the world, the dishes are prepared from the freshest ingredients. Etihad airways offer a choice of menu to the travelers and the choices increases with the class to the plane. The menu is presented by the chef himself and is highly courteous and helpful if you want to learn about the dishes. The uniqueness in Etihad Airways is their special meals, which are special diets for religious or other medical reasons, these meals can be prepared if you inform them 24 hours prior to boarding. The meal changes from time to time but the dishes which are a great classic to Etihad airways include Harriassa Chicken, an entrée of Greek Salad with rocca lettuce and strawberry mousse flavored with rosewater and served with berry sauce as dessert; Lamb Biryani as main course, an entrée of Cajun smoked chicken with vegetable couscous with Banoffee pie as dessert; Chicken roll with mayo and tomatoes; Penne Pasta with chicken meatballs in Arrabbiata sauce, Greet salad as entrée, hot roll, butter and breakaway biscuits as desserts.[irp]

ROYAL JORDANIAN: Royal Jordanian is one of those Middle Eastern airlines that offer alcoholic drinks to passengers flying long hours. Their food is simple yet the quality is that of any gourmet restaurant. They serve seafood in their meal with a choice between vegetarian and non-vegan food. Healthy meats, fresh vegetables, side dishes and a dessert is a complete meal that you should be expected while traveling in Royal Jordanian airlines. This and a very courteous and helpful staff, additionally delicious snacks, tea, coffee or fresh juices are offered two hours before landing.

KUWAIT AIRWAYS: Travelling in Kuwait airways is like traveling in old times. It is a charming experience for those people who are interested in simplicity and class. The planes of the Kuwait airways are also old and thoroughly maintained. Traveling in Kuwait airways take you back in time with simple traveling, hospitable and helpful staff and simple food. The food in Kuwait Airways is simple but tasty; the travelers are given a choice to pick from chicken, lamb or vegetarian meals which are Halal. The meal is always hot and consists of three courses. The food consists of a simple entrée which may be vegetables or cold meats, a hot main dish and a dessert. In the case of morning flights, there is a sumptuous breakfast. In long flights, a muffin and tea or coffee are served to the travelers. In short flights travelers are served light snacks, juices and drinks are served with both lunch or dinner and snacks.

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