How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction?

The most important domain of a business is customer satisfaction. In fact, it is the most important objective of a company to satisfy its customers and fulfill their demands and needs. Higher the level of customer satisfaction, higher would be the company’s productivity level. The best way to customer satisfaction is not only providing the best quality and desired level of services. Even after service is over, feedback from customers must be taken and grievances must compensate with speedy and timely remedies. In case a customer is satisfied, he will promote/advertise company repute with good remarks in its circle and with closed ones. It is very important to employ all factors which are necessary for the better satisfaction of a customer. There are some technical skills with incurring much cost for better customer relationship.[irp]

Courtesy: Show best courtesy gestures for your customers. Give them the confidence that their presence is the reason of bliss for you. Employ best and good mannered employees at customer service centers and for information and complaint desks. Always welcome customers warmly with a smile and open arms. Take every effort for customer’s comfort at the company. In case response on phone to a customer, keep your voice soft and tone courteous for better customer enthusiasm about work commitment.

Greeting: Greet customers on their special occasions in case company has information regarding it. Greet them when they visit the company for a very first time, after that and even when for last time. Words “like welcome mam/sir”, “please to meet you”, “take good care of yourself” etc. will always please customers and will automatically enhance their confidence level.

Respond timely: In case there is some wrong with company’s product or service, it is not a big deal. The mistake is part of the game, but the most annoying factor is that customer is not given a due response from the company after he takes he complain to the workplace. A customer can bear mistake or fault in quality but he can never remain calm on the non-serious response of company for complaints. The company must be very careful regarding response to customers and timely compensation of grievance on fair means.

Be a specialist: Try to excel in your business practices, be an expert of your services and give your best to customers. Fulfilling quality needs of customers is the biggest motivator for the customer and provides best satisfaction level to them.

Never give unprofessional gesture: Never complain about your problems, behavior of your colleagues and management with any customer of the company. It will not only affect your own repute but would also affect company’s operations. It will show a picture of your unprofessional attitude towards the vision of company business.

Be innovative: Be innovative and don’t repeat the mistakes you have done in past regarding customer services. Try to recall bad experiences about customer dissatisfaction in order to make sure that maximum quality services are to be provided to customers.

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