How people with Israeli passport enter Saudi Arabia?

Hajj is the holy pilgrimage for all Muslims from the whole world. They come in Makkah for performing this holy ritual at least once in their life. Hajj is considered as one of the basic pillars of Islam. During this pilgrimage, Muslims around the globe try to reach Makkah for the performance of desired religious practice as imposed by Allah SWT for anyone who can afford this practice. There is no ban on any country for performance of this practice in any case. Special arrangements are to be made in the Holy month of Zill Hajj for Hajis.[irp]

Anyhow there is one country in this world with which Saudi Arabia and many other countries in the world don’t have diplomatic relationships. Not anyone other than Israel. Due to a ban on any kind of traveling between Saudi Arabia and Israeli natives it has become difficult for Israeli Muslims to perform this obligation by traveling directly from Israel to Makkah. Anyways whatever is the diplomatic relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel out of the court of religious rules, there is no ban on Israeli Muslims to visit Saudi Arabia for the performance of Hajj.  They have been allowed by Saudi Government to visit Kingdom without any obstacle

This act of Saudi government shows that there is no discrimination between any pilgrim coming in Kingdom for the purpose of Hajj or Islamic rituals. In case Saudi Arabia sustains no diplomatic relationships with Israel, this requirement is not applied on a holy pilgrimage. A recent video show on internet blog makes it clear that there is no problem for Israeli Muslims to perform hajj in the same way as is performed by major natives of rest of Muslim world.  A link from Israeli newspaper states details about people who visited Saudi Arabia in recent year for the performance of Hajj.[irp]

The recent list for current year shows that about 4500 Israeli will be visiting Saudi Arabia for the performance of Hajj without any objection from the ministry of interior affairs or any other authority. The same policy applies for Umrah during any month of the year for Israeli Muslims. This elimination of ban for Israeli Muslims for Hajj and Umrah performance is a good message for whole Ummah for unity with Israeli Muslims. It is Israel with whom we have to cut off all relationships without considering any diplomatic relationships. In the case of Muslims natives of Israel, we should not close our door ever.