What to do to avoid fake police looting in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is one among the countries having lesser crime ratio and a better situation of law and order. Along with many other reasons behind this good situation, the Saudi police department must be given credit for their hard work.

Saudi nationals and expatriates living in the kingdom hence tender great respect to Saudi Police. At the same time, there are some people having dreams of becoming a billionaire overnight are tempted to commit crimes.

It is an easy way for them to get disguise of a policeman and loot the innocent people by exploiting the respect given to police department of Saudi Arabia. We also shared some Tips to Deal with the Police in a previous post.

We often see it in news that local people pretending to be cops looted an expatriate. The expatriates are robbed and exploited because of the language and cultural disorientation.

The recent incident happened a few days ago when a salesman was looted in the same way i.e. crooks pretending to be cops. The incident happened in Balad, downtown Jeddah. It is also acknowledged as a core place of retail sales.

Real Saudi Police Officers

In this incident, an expatriate of Asian origin lost 100,000 Saudi Riyal when he was looted by a Saudi who pretended to be a police officer.

While furnishing  a press statement, Jeddah police spokesperson told that an Asian expatriate launched a complaint to the Balad police department and told that someone in Saudi police’s guise seized his Iqama, driving license, Istamara  and took him to a lonely place and looted SR 100,000 along with three smartphones having a worth of 6,000 SR.

The police spokesman also said that after receiving the complaint the police department worked steadily and launched an operation to arrest the culprit. The workout of police was fruitful and the criminal was arrested within six hours of the happening of crime.

The arrested culprit is a Saudi citizen of 20 years of age. Police authorities are further investigating the case.

Similar cases have been reported in the country earlier in which Saudi citizens or in some cases people of Yemeni Origin pose themselves as policemen and steal valuables from expatriates. In most of these cases, Indian or Bangladesh’s citizens are the victims.

6 Things to do to avoid fake police looting: Expatriates should be aware of as to how they can get rid of this looting by fake cops.

1-People staying in Saudi Arabia must be aware of the working method of the police department of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi policemen have their government identities and they don’t confiscate the Iqamas of expatriates without a reasonable procedure.

2-It is also important to remember that the arrested people are immediately taken to Police Stations and not too deserted places.

3-Real Police who is authorized to ask people are walking in the street, always wearing a police uniform and driving the known car.

4-Real police never ask you to surrender your wallet, money or credit cards to them.

5-If any person claims to be a police officer, people have the right to demand sufficient identity proofs and without making it sure that they are in front of a police officer one shall not fulfill the demands of any other person.

It is a fact that legitimate officials of Saudi law enforcing authorities will have their id proofs and they will not hesitate to show it to public.

06-If you feel that the officer you are dealing with is a fake police officer, immediately call real police at 999. If you cannot do it, try to seek the help of the other people on the road.