10 Un-known facts About Al Baik every Saudi & Expat should know

Eating and good eating is the favorite hobby of Saudis and expats living in Saudi Arabia. When we talk about tasty foods, the first name that comes to our mind is not other than “Al Baik”.  It is enjoying more fame in Saudi Arabia than KFC is having in European countries and all over the world.

The most important feature of Al Baik is the high-quality BROAST!!! All food clubs are doing well to beat Al Baik but it seems impossible for them due to alluring taste, un-matching quality, low price and grave trust of customers on Al Baik eating products.

There are several facts regarding Al Baik which are not known by 90% of consumers of the food chain. They are listed as follows;

Fact 1: The name of Al Baik was “BROAST RESTAURANT” prior to the year 1986. After 1986, it was changed to Al Baik. The Al BAIK story began when the late Shakour AbuGhazalah saw the need for high-quality affordable food, served fast and courteously, in a clean and inviting environment.

Putting all his hard-earned savings in this venture, Shakour signed an exclusive agency agreement with a company abroad for usage of proprietary deep-fried chicken spice blends and equipment, is the first in the market to introduce the “broast” chicken concept in all of Saudi Arabia.

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Fact 2: Its first restaurant started back in an old warehouse which is located in Sharfiyah, Jeddah in 1974. People of Sharfiyah would be proud of it.

Shakour AbuGhazalah transformed an old warehouse he had leased on Airport Road in the Sharafiyah District and opened the first Broast Restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia there in September of 1974.

In March 1976 a second Broast Restaurant finally opened in the Al Dakheel Building – the site originally picked to launch the chain.

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Fact 3: The name of the founder of Al Baik is Shakkour AbuGhazalah who just died right after the establishment of his restaurant.

Shakour AbuGhazalah’s goal was in sight when, five months later his life was cut short; on August 14th of the year 1976, he lost a battle with cancer at the age of 48.

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Fact 4: The son of Founder Ihsan AbuGhazalah continued operations of the food chain after the death of the owner and introduced famous 18 secret herbs and spices recipe. “We learned everything from our father,” said Ihsan Abu Ghazala, Chairman of the Board AL BAIK Food Systems Group of Companies.

“His determination, perseverance and hard work have been the inspiration that has driven our success. Everybody loved our father. He was fun to be with and humble… a wonderful man.”

Fact 5: It was the first restaurant in the Kingdom which introduced for the very first time Broast chicken in Saudi Arabia. Around 400 restaurants offering broast were opened in Saudi Arabia just after the success of the Al Baik.

“With the demise of our father, we lost the agency rights and had to start from scratch.  We had to liquidate assets, pay off debts, streamline the business and reduce costs,” said Ihsan.

“By the time I took over the business, there were over 400 copycat restaurants serving ‘broast’ chicken in Jeddah alone. We had to find something that would set us apart from the competition and we knew that it had to come down to quality and value.”

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Fact 6: After its success in Jeddah, they opened their first branch in Makkah in 1990. The branch is still situated at Umm ul Qura road and everyone who has visited Haram must have seen this branch of Al Baik.

“After searching across the rapidly growing city, we found the perfect location to launch, ” said Rami. “We built our inaugural outlet on Um Al Qura Street at the entrance to the city.” AL BAIK opened in Makkah Al Mukarama in 1990.

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Fact 7: The owners of Al Baik pay SR 1 in charity for every broast chicken sold.

Fact 8: Al Baik is an Arabic poetic word and its meaning is “Pick, Choose or Select”

Fact 9: The calories level which adds up after having half broast meal at Al Baik is 1142 calories.

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Fact 10: The chicken to be consumed at Al Baik is not from the Kingdom, it is normally imported from Brazil.

Fact 11: Al Baik food chain is running 53 branches all over the western provinces of KSA.

Fact 12: Thomb (Garlic sauce) is the specialty of meals of Al Baik. It is not available in any other corner of Kingdom.

Fact 13: Al Baik is having copycats all over the world like Egypt, India and various states of USA. The taste of Al Baik in KSA is just matchless and these copycats can’t even compare their tastes with the original food chain in KSA.