Procedure to get Final Exit without removing Huroob in Saudi Arabia

The literal definition of an expatriate is someone who is living away from their native country. Today, however, the word expatriate implies that someone who is living in a foreign land due to employment. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to one of the largest expatriate populations, anywhere around the world. This is due to the Kingdoms flourishing economy, a huge market for a variety of goods and of course the immense oil wealth that has been bestowed upon this country by Allah. Living as an expatriate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as an expat, like in all other countries, brings with it a certain set of rules and procedures that an expatriate must comply by at all times.[irp]

Each country has their own set of specific rules and regulations regarding expatriates, however today we will be focusing on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Expatriates who work in the Kingdom know for a fact that most of them have to take prior permission from their employers or sponsors before leaving the country, and that too they do on a specific visa. Rightly so too, because no employer can allow for their employees to just vanish one day without prior permission or notice. Those expatriates living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are well versed with what Huroob is. For those of you who are not familiar with the word or the status it implies, keep on reading. Huroob in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a condition in which an expatriate is considered to be an absconder, to have run away or been absent away from work. Those Expatriates who unluckily end up on the Huroob status usually end up facing jail time as well as being imposed of heavy fines.[irp]

Some think that once you are in the Huroob status, there is no saving you from the aftermath, however that may not be entirely true, so for the expatriates reading, below I will list ways in which you can help yourself if you end up in Huroob status. These are the simple steps in which you can take care of the situation if you want to avoid jail time;

Your initial step should be to register an application in the embassy of the country you are a native of or the consulates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By filing this application, you are actually surrendering yourself for deportation. Useful Link “Duration of Ban to enter back to Saudi Arabia in case of Huroob”

Embassy of the expatriate with Huroob (Absconder) status gives an undertaking to the government that the expatriate will leave within 72 hours of such undertaking.

When the plea is registered your background information and the prior criminal record will be checked. The authorities will handle this step and any actions by you to speed up the process will portray you negatively.

You should apply for an emergency passport from the embassy of the country you are a native of. In some cases, the passport is under your Kafeel as some of the employers collect them for insurance purposes.

Once you have received the emergency passport you will be sent to the deportation area where your fingerprints will be recorded. Once documents are verified you will be put to Exit.

Make sure you don’t have any outstanding fines or penalties under their Iqama. You can check the outstanding fines under your Iqama from this link. “Check Traffic Fines under your Iqama”

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