9 Trademarks to Recognize a Saudi among others

Every society has some habits or way of life which become the trademark of them. We see Chinese eating with sticks, People of sub-continent having more spices. Styles of dressing, ways to greet the guests and many other are different among different nations.

Here we discuss some of the trademarks that are in kith and kin of almost all the Saudi people and people are of the view that one is not a Saudi if he is in the lack of these trademarks. You can recognize someone as Saudi having these trademarks in his personality.

09-Kabsa is a traditional dish of rice it may be said as a family of mixed rice dishes. It is commonly regarded as a national dish in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

People in Saudia are generally of the view that those who don’t know how to cook Kabsa and those who don’t eat Kabsa are not Saudis in fact.

594 9 Trademarks to Recognize a Saudi among others 09

08-Baloot is a popular card game played in Saudi Arabia. The game is similar to the French game Belote. It is believed that this game was brought to the land of Hijaz by the Indian Immigrants during the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

When the country was unified under Saudi rule the game spread all over the country. There is also an opinion that the game was brought to the area of Hijaz by the Ottomans themselves when they ruled that area.

Nowadays, this game is popular in Saudi men and women as well. Baloot is played among people at a time which pairs up as partners of two. The interest of Saudis in this game is up to a large extent.

They can keep playing the game for a night long or even for a weekend long. Many Saudi men who are now retired from jobs are used to play Baloot matches.

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07-Welcoming Cloudy Weather is also a trademark of being a Saudi. Because mostly the Saudi people welcome weather overcast by the core of their hearts as it is a great relief for them from the heat of the sun.

594 9 Trademarks to Recognize a Saudi among others 07

06-Tash Ma Tash “No Big Deal” in English is a very much popular comedy show of Saudi Arabia. So far it has shown about 18 seasons. Initially, it was on aired by the Saudi state-owned channel but after 2005 it is bought by MBC.

The new episodes run exclusively during Ramadan right after sunset. Viewing the show in Ramadan nights is also a trademark of Saudi society.

594 9 Trademarks to Recognize a Saudi among others 06

05-Laban is also a very much favorite diet of Saudi people. This may be recognized as Indian diet but these days it’s a national drink in KSA especially on hot summer days.

People are so fond of buttermilk (Laban) that they even use ringtones about it on the cell phones. It can be found in different forms in Saudi Arabia such as dried and powdered buttermilk.

The famous comedy show Tash Ma Tash also on aired an episode on the buttermilk.

594 9 Trademarks to Recognize a Saudi among others 05

04-Muhammad Abdu:  Mohammed Abdu Othman Al-Aseeri is a well-known singer of Saudi Arabia. He has many fans across the Middle East. He was born on June 12, 1949, and has been performing as a professional singer since 1961.

He is also known as The Artist of Arabs. He has started his career by singing the traditional songs and bedoid music instruments. He has a strong liking among the Saudis.

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03-Being a Muslim: You are not a Saudi if you are not Muslim. Saudi Arabia and Islam have a strong relationship between them. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also called the “home of Islam”.

The official title of the King of Saudi Arabia is “Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques”—the two being Masjid al-Haram in Makkah and Al-Masjid al-Nabawi in Medina, and considered the holiest in Islam.

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of the Arabic language that is the language of the Quran and the Quran is the basic origin in Islamic legislation.

594 9 Trademarks to Recognize a Saudi among others 03

02-Camels: Camel is an animal usually found in deserted areas. It is bearing distinctive fatty deposit known as “hump” on its back.

It provides milk, meat, hair for textiles. It is also a working animal with tasks ranging from human transport to bearing loads.

It was also used for military purposes. It is very common in Saudi Arabia so it is impossible for a Saudi that he has not seen a camel.

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01-Pride on the Nation: I have visited and lived in many countries but Saudis are way above all when you talk about being proud of their history and values. 

They love their country more than anything. It is very rare to find someone in Saudi Arabia defaming his country and the government. They stand behind all the decisions taken by their King in good and bad times. 

594 9 Trademarks to Recognize a Saudi among others 01

They love their King and are pretty satisfied with whatever he is doing with the country. They believe that they are on the right track which keeps them content.