5 Foods you should take daily to have stronger physical relationship

Taking diet without a proper plan is just like bringing a car on the road without checking oil and gas in it. Similarly, if men don’t prepare themselves for marriage, they may face disappointment or dissatisfaction. It is very important to have a proper diet so that you can enjoy your nights properly. There are many products in the market to make your special parts stronger but there are two problems with them. First of all, they are artificial products and have many side effects. Once the body gets used to it, it is very difficult to get rid of them. Second, they are expensive products. Here in this article, I will be sharing a diet plan with you to enjoy your nights at full charge.[irp]

The egg is very important for your body and especially for that particular health. It contains vitamin B which activates the suppressed hormones of your body and you enjoy at full. Time to Time Food is also very important if you want to reduce your weight. People who just eat once or twice in a day cannot control their weight. If you are taking the time to time food in your daily routine, it also provides benefit to activate many hormones in your body.

Fish is the very important diet to increase your timing during intercourse as well as erection. Sea Food contains lots of Zinc and Selenium. These two elements are very important for the health of a man.

Figs and Olives – A combination of 7 olives and 1 fig in the breakfast provides you unprecedented power in the night. If you add it in your breakfast for just 15 days, I am sure you will continue it for the rest of the life.

Vegetables in the diet reduce the blood pressure and depression from the body. Especially Spinach and Cabbage is full of folic acid and vitamin B. Frequent use of vegetables in the diet increases the timing of the intercourse.

Chocolate and Strawberry should be there in the bedroom. Taking some sugar in shape of chocolate or strawberry refills the energy level in the body.  Moreover, moderate use of chocolate and strawberry is also good for erection.

I hope by following the above-mentioned diet plan; you will feel a significant change in your erection and timing. But keep one thing in mind; everything has a strong relationship with your mind. If you are tense due to any reason and taking all this diet, you would not get the desired result. Mental Tension is a killer for a man’s health. So, try to remain happy all the time.

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