3 Major Causes of High Rate of Divorce in Saudi Arabia

Divorces in Saudi Arabia are on high trend. Now Saudi government has taken this issue very seriously and launching a very innovative idea to reduce it to an acceptable level. They are introducing marriage counseling or marriage training program in next couple of years. I have published a separate article upon such program and you can read it at this link. “Marriage Training Program”. Here in this article, we shall be discussing the general reasons for divorce in Saudi Arabia. Before going into reasons lets just discuss the types of divorces in Saudi Arabia.[irp]

There are two types of divorces in Saudi Arabia. The divorce from the Male side is called “Talaq” and divorce from female side is called “Khula”. A man does not need to go to court to divorce her wife while a female has to go to court for Khula. On average there are 82 divorces in Saudi Arabia every day out of which 4 are Khulas. So we can say that most of the times initiation for divorce is made by the male side in Saudi Arabia. Well, it is quite understandable considering the male dominant society of Saudi Arabia. However, with the introduction of marriage training program, this divorce rate is expected to be significantly reduced. There are different causes of divorces in Saudi Arabia and we will be explaining about it in detail in the following lines.[irp]

Domestic Violence: One in every six women is abused verbally, physically or emotionally every day, and 90 percent of the abusers are usually husbands or fathers. Violence against women and children is not something which is confined to Saudi Arabia, it is a global issue. Studies suggest that at least one out of every three women around the world has been beaten, forced into sex or abused in her lifetime, while up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to travel out of their house without close family members. They rarely have any interaction with any other male than their family members. It suggests that in 99% cases abuse is done by the close family members. We have published a separate article on the subject of “Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia” which is a major reason for divorce.[irp]

Physical Needs: I will not be wrong in stating that half of the divorces in Saudi Arabia are just because of not understanding the physical needs of partners by each other. Marriage is not only for man and woman. Both of them should understand the body needs of each other in order for a marriage to sustain. Almost all of us will agree that physical needs of men are completely different from women. What men expect from women is not necessarily 100% fulfilled and same goes with a female. Understanding each other is the sole solution for a marriage to be successful.[irp]

Saudi Customs and Laws: Laws for women in Saudi Arabia are very restricted. It creates a suppression in the minds of women which at the end results in a blast of divorce. Some unfavorable laws for women in Saudi Arabia are;

1.Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. In absence of any sort of transportation available in Saudi Arabia women become dependents to their husbands to take them to mall or shopping. If the husband does not do it after his office work, it becomes a source of a fight between two.

2.In Saudi Arabia, a woman cannot conduct her own business without a husband or male guardian. It allows a male member of the family to rob her or dominate her business.

3.Some families don’t allow women to work outside. If a man cannot accommodate his family properly, a woman should work to share man’s responsibility.

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