Procedure to replace stolen vehicle registration plate in Saudi Arabia

Sometimes it happens that you don’t find number plate of your vehicle on it and later on realize that it has been stolen. You must be thinking what kind of benefits someone can take by stealing number plate of your vehicle. Well, this is a separate debate and we might discuss it in some later article. Today, we shall be describing the procedure you need to adopt if you find the number plate of your vehicle missing in Saudi Arabia. If I share my experience of replacing the stolen vehicle registration plate in Saudi Arabia, it was very hectic and exhausted since I did not know the procedure. But I hope you will not have to face the same difficulty as the procedure is given below.[irp]

Procedure at Police Station for the replacement of Vehicle Registration Plate

Keep in mind that theft is a criminal offense and you should not take it lightly. You will have to report the case to the nearest police station. You never know if the stolen number plate of your vehicle is used in some terrorist activity, you might have to spend rest of your life in Jail. So, take it top urgent that someone has stolen your vehicle registration plate and go to the nearest police station with following documents.[irp]

  • Iqama and copy of your Iqama
  • Istamara (vehicle registration) and copy of Istamara
  • Driving License and copy of driving license
  • Rental Contract of your house or any other proof of Residence
  • They will register the case and generate two copies of the report. One copy is for the internal use of police department and the other one will be for traffic police department.

Procedure at Traffic Police Station for the replacement of Vehicle Registration Plate

After this, you will have to visit traffic police department with the copy of the report given to you by the police department, Iqama, driving license and Istamra.

You will have to submit the documents to the traffic police department. After submission of documents, they will ask you to come at some later date (usually after one week).

Go to the traffic police department on that particular date along with payment of SR 100 for the replacement of stolen vehicle registration plate. They will give you a small paper as a receipt of documents.

You will have to visit them after one week to get the new number plate.


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