Review of Mariyah Beauty Center in Riyadh

New to the city of Riyadh? Desperately in need of a good salon to cater all your women needs? Well, look no further because, in this particular read, you'll be hooked to know what I mean to tell you! Mariyah Beauty center is one of Riyadh's most known beauty salons. It is certainly recommended by mosttoen who have been residing in the city for years. Mariyah Center is located on Olaya Street. It is open from 10 in the morning till 10 in the night for twelve consecutive hours. The Salon is well built with a good floor designated for hairdressers. The floor is quite airy and huge with parrots and comfortable sofas. Another important thing to note about this Beauty center is that it contains a gift shop and a snack shop. One can easily spend hours here since it is an extremely comfortable salon.[irp posts=”2912″ name=”List of Beauty Salons / Makeup Artists in Riyadh”]

The workers are mainly from the Philippines who are fluent in English language and extremely sweet and hospitable. Tourists and guests in the country will have no trouble in communicating with them either. I found the rates for hairdressing quite okay. Complete hair washed, cut and blow dry costs one nearly SR 150 ($40). However, Makeup will cost a lot and trust me when I say A LOT. An ideal place to visit for haircuts and waxing is this particular center. I cannot guide one particularly for makeup since I've never tried it but judging by the costs on their brochures certainly made me more certain that I will not ever![irp posts=”2857″ name=”Woman Loses her Hair in a Salon in Riyadh”]

One thing you can be certain of is that the ladies here give their full devotion and attention to their clients irrespective of the fact whether they are regular customers or giving them the first try. They make sure that they are always welcomed by their actions especially! I would generally recommend women who wish to get a new look or just refresh their current one to visit this salon. Just make sure your men are not eager enough since this is a women's salon only. I would approve of the segregation here as well. Who would want to be spotted getting them waxed? Ha![irp]

So, ladies get your bags filled with cash and run over to this salon. I can be most certain that their services will not let you down. Just make sure that you have the scalp for it since their heavy blow dryers may give you a sore scalp but their hairdressing and cutting will not disappoint you. I can be most certain of that. Your beauty is most important, that's what women should prioritize just as they prioritize their family. Husbands maybe this is the perfect place to treat your wives where they can escape away from the hustle and bustle and get some time off!