Airport Review: King Khalid International Airport (RUH)

King Khalid International Airport (RUH) is situated in the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. For most people, it has been claimed to be one of the best airports in the world for a few reasons that I must specify in this read. To start off with, this airport follows a very good rule. To keep their passengers happy! Visitors, as well as immigrants, are treated with such hospitality that makes them welcomed in the new State.[irp]

The immigration process in most countries can be very tough and time-consuming but not in the State of Saudi Arabia. King Khalid International provides a very fast service for its passengers that not only saves their time but gives them a pleasant and warm welcoming experience. Passport and Ticket Checking doesn't take more than five minutes. However, it can take up to ten minutes if there is a lot of rush at the airport. The most important problem that occurs at airports is waiting to collect luggage. However, at King Khalid International your luggage would be waiting for you when you arrive to collect it. The services are very fluent trying to satisfy as many passengers as possible. That is how the services at the airports should be where they value time and the opinions of all of their visitors.[irp]

I believe the reason why is there a lot of fluent services, because of the segregation. Having separate lines for men and women for checking and all can really ease the burden. Although it can be a menace at times especially while traveling with family this eases the work for the guards and officials appointed at the airport. As I mentioned, these officials they seem to be very hostile and kind both by their actions as well as by their words. They make sure that you are guided correctly to your destination as long as you are on the grounds of the airport.[irp]

This airport not only allows tourists to be welcomed to the Kingdom but also provides a good reputation for the airport worldwide. Now the airport is under renovation where a few boutiques will become of service to the passengers. They have a good lounge for waiting that can make their time fly with the snack shops and other gift shops to buy presents for the loved ones. Time here at the King Khalid Airport can be pleasant and worth a memory. This airport won't certainly let you down!