Can I stamp Saudi Visa from a country other than my home country?

I am Pakistani and my Wife is Indian, Can both of us go on final exit and process new Saudi visas from a third country?[irp]

Question by Visitor: I am planning to leave Saudi Arabia on final exit in November and then come back on a fresh visa. However, the only hitch is that I and my wife are different nationals and we are expecting a baby in October. So I wanted to clear few things.

1.Do I need to get an iqama for my newborn because I would have resigned from my current job in October and would be in my notice period, so don’t know how that can be done or do I just need to get the baby's passport? Would it suffice for the exit? I don’t want any problems because we have to return back immediately.

2.Can we get our new Saudi visa formalities completed from a third country like UAE (my wife and I both want to be with our baby)? If this is not an option, do u think I can get my wife's permanent family Saudi visa stamped from Pakistan (she is an Indian national)??

3.Thirdly, is it possible for my family to come back to Saudi with me if my company issues me a family visa? Or they would have to stay back and join later (as we have already done). Please if you have any information about anything regarding this, kindly share.

Answer by Steve: You have asked three questions; let me answer all of them one by one.

1.I am not sure about your first question. But as per my understanding of the Saudi Laws, you will have to get a passport and Iqama for him/her before exiting Saudi Arabia. I think he/she needs to have a final exit visa on which he/she can leave from Saudi Arabia. If this is the case, you are in trouble since your wife is an Indian and Pakistani embassy will take more than normal time for the processing of visa of your son or daughter. After visa processing, you will be able to apply for Iqama. I think it is better to send her to Pakistan or India for the delivery.

2.Yes, you can do it easily. Just ask your employer to endorse the visa in the name of some agent in UAE. The agent will do all the processing for you. However, sometimes employers are not comfortable in processing the visa from another country. But you cannot bring your family along with you. They will have to wait for the time your iqama is processed in Saudi Arabia. Only after that, you can apply for a permanent family visa of your family.

3.I have already answered this above. First, your visa will be processed. Once you come to Saudi Arabia and your Iqama is processed, next step is to apply for a permanent family visa. She will have to process this visa from India since she is Indian national.