Procedure to Apply for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia

If you have a stay over in Saudi Arabia for more than 12 hours or you want to travel to another country through KSA, you will have to apply for the transit visa. Many people book ticket of Saudi Airlines and schedule a stay over of 72 hours in Jeddah to perform Umrah.

You can apply for transit visa of Saudi Arabia of maximum 72 hours. They get out of Jeddah Airport and go to perform Umrah to Makkah. Jeddah and Makkah are on the distance of 1-hour drive. You can book a hotel there online and perform Umrah. Here is a trick to save SR 55 or $15 on your next Hotel booking through

In this article, I will be explaining the procedure to apply for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind you will have to apply for that before traveling from your destination.

Try to apply for it from your native country as the procedure is not very simple, unlike other countries. It is very important to mention here that you will have to apply for a transit visa if your stay on the airport is of more than 12 hours.

If your stay is more than 12 hours and you don’t have a visa, immigration authorities in your country will not even allow you to board the plan.

Moreover, women cannot apply for transit visa alone if someone from their Mahram relatives is not traveling with them. Moreover, transit visas are not issued during Ramadan and Hajj season.

Step 1 to Apply for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia: First of all, you will have to submit an application and make payment online. The name of the website is Enjaz and Saudi Government has outsourced this activity to them.

Just open the website from this link. You will have to select “Individuals” > “Visa Services” > “Application for Visa from Saudi Mission Abroad”. It is also shown in the screenshot below.

After that, you will have to agree to the terms and conditions on two pages. Just click on the button “Agree” as we always do with the terms and conditions. A new screen will be opened in the screenshot below.

You will have to enter all your details in it along with a picture of 200 X 200 size. Select the type of visa as “Transit Visa”. After completing all the information in the application, you just need to click “Save” button.

After this, you just need to make payment for the transit visa of Saudi Arabia. It is pretty simple after that as the window is very user-friendly.

You just have to pay $10.5 for this. Take a print of the last page of the visa application form where application number of your visa is mentioned.

Step 2 to Apply for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia: Now you have to mail the documents to Saudi Embassy in your country. However, I would suggest you not to mail but personally visit the Saudi Embassy in your country and submit your application there so that they can be accountable for it.

Generally, it takes a week to process the visa. You will have to submit the documents to the window designated for this. The officer there will ask you the reason to visit Saudi Arabia and you will have to tell him the reason.

But don’t say that you want to perform Umrah otherwise your application will be immediately rejected. You will have to submit following documents to the Saudi Embassy in your country.

Passport with validity of at least 6 months: Residence permits of the country from where you are applying. It is needed if you are not applying from your national country.

  • One recent passport sized photograph
  • A Saudi Visa questionnaire filled out and signed
  • Declaration of Saudi laws signed
  • Booking of the ticket confirming your stay over in Saudi Arabia
  • Print of the visa application submitted through Enjaz

Step 3 to Collect your Passport from Saudi Embassy: Although they say that it will take 7 days to process the transit visa of Saudi Arabia but it is better to go 3,4 days after the date they have mentioned.

I hope you will get it very easily. If the visa has been processed, you should take care of some points. Don’t even think to overstay in Saudi Arabia for a single hour. You will have to pay $750 per overstayed day in Saudi Arabia.

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