10 Astonishing Bans on Men and Women in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia truly is a ‘Kingdom’ when it comes to the ‘typical’ KSA cultures prevalent in the contemporary society. A royal country, indeed. No wonder it comes as a shock when nationals of the other countries get to know that KSA does not allow for certain cultures to exist.[irp]

1.Firstly, women working in certain jobs are banned and even if they are allowed to work in certain sectors, they should be covered from head to toe. This is rather a good approach to prevent guys from flirting with the ladies. Like social media doesn’t exist there. Like the working women do not have other mediums. One might wonder how a typical guy would propose to a typical woman in KSA, for marriage, if she’s always covered while working. “Wallahi! I like her voice; I shall marry her, Mother!”

2.Secondly, women are not allowed to drive a vehicle! And even if women go to obtain their Driver’s License, the database fails to look them up since it has only been fed with the details of men. I thought the Holy Quran stressed on equal rights for men and women, alike.

3.Thirdly, gyms and sports for male and females together are banned too. Having read the aforesaid, this ban should be no surprise to us now, should it? Honestly speaking, all these bans based upon genders seem too less.[irp]

4.Fourthly, the mere existence of the red color is banned on the Valentine’s Day. It’s nice that KSA sticks to its Islamic traditions by objecting to such a day. Be it in a gift shop or a kindergarten school, RED CAN NOT EXIST ON THE 14TH OF FEBRUARY. If it does, the consequences can be hilariously detrimental. However, the matter of concern here is the prohibition of school children from wearing anything red on that day. Poor souls don’t even have those features and characteristics to charm one from the opposite gender in kindergarten schools. They eat and play with dirt, how could they even think of seducing?

5.Fifthly, the mere existence of cinemas is banned, too. Men and women can’t be allowed to ‘mingle’ unsupervised. The decision of banning cinemas was taken so that men and women cannot mingle there. Even so, the list of the prohibited KSA cultures does not end here. However, there is a hope that ban upon cinema industry is going to be lifted. “[irp]

6.Sixth, Women of KSA are not allowed to travel without the consent of their male guardians. They either must travel with their father, brother or husband. Now the consent of guardians is enough for them to travel. They must show a written consent signed by their guardians at the time of departure. The ban is only lifted after these women cross the age of Forty-Five. The reason why these women are not allowed free mobility is because a good proportion of the society thinks it would cause immorality thus women are restricted to their homes and not allowed to travel freely!

7.Seventh, the right to practice any other religion other than Islam is strictly prohibited! The reason behind this is because of the fact that two of the biggest mosques in the world are located on this Arabian land. It is extremely wrong for other worship buildings to be present. People who abandon Islam have to face a death penalty. Including that there is no tolerance for personal items such as bibles, crosses, and other similar things.[irp]

8.Eighth, the music industry in KSA continues to prosper. There is a good business of music, however, music schools are banned in the state. Music is not taught anywhere and neither is it found in any school curriculum. The general perception about music is that it is forbidden in the state and thus music is not played in shopping malls and other public areas.

9.Ninth, since KSA is an ENTIRELY Muslim state all products are supposed to be accordingly to their requirements. Including this are the food products that must be Halal. Thus the most important banned edible is Pork. KSA has the two most important mosques and it is not respectful to allow the eating of such food.[irp]

10.Tenth, last but not the least one ban is on Social Mingling. This involves how restaurants and other malls only allow families to enter. By that, I mean that men alone are not allowed to enter at all. They either must be with their families or with a woman. Similarly, at restaurants, there are separate lines for men and women and even segregated spaces for families, men, and women respectively. Recommended: 4 Important Tips for Safe Living in Saudi Arabia

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