5 Factors to consider when selecting a Housemaid

A while ago I was browsing the internet to find quotes on a housemaid (a pretty dumb thing to do, I know). Sadly it did not do me any good. I couldn't find anything. Literally NOTHING! Maybe people just don't have anything nice to say about them. I don't question people on that. I first thought it was just my perception. Now I know I'm extremely normal to think this way. Ha! Housemaids are helpers. In many households they are caretakers. Not the boss but are meant to handle every single chore, work around the workplace. That's what they are paid for. The reason doesn't seem too clear at first when you wish to hire one but soon enough when you're used to kicking out the stubborn, nosey maids you'll know exactly the type of maids you'll need to search for the next time.[irp]

Currently, I'm going through a similar dilemma. I have kicked my maid out because she had an attitude problem. By that, I mean maids who talk back, whether they are right or wrong. They just need to talk and be loud! Most women when meeting one of their most important discussions is related to their maids. The complaining list goes on and on with no comma at all! Why can we not just find one perfect housemaid who can make our life simple as ever? Why is it so hard? Maybe we should get a housemaid similar to that of the Jetsons! I wish we could. *sigh*. With so much of experience maybe I can give you guidelines on my expertise to find yourself a suitable housemaid.[irp]

5 Factors to consider when selecting a Housemaid

1.Avoid a very pretty and young housemaid if you are a female living with your husband.

2.So the first most important factor is Honesty. If your maid is honest it will save you a lot of the trouble. In that comes loyalty. Make sure your maid does not have a habit of pickpocketing. Even if she's taken a coin without your consent make sure you do not trust her.

3.A good housemaid will work with dedication. She will know exactly how important her salary is to her and she'll work with good dedication.

4.A lot of the maids have a bad habit of talking too much.

5.Make sure you get a maid who doesn't think of herself as the boss! She should not be loud and arrogant or rude. Make sure your made should be respectful to you and your home.[irp]

People should have a general idea to note that housemaids are not at all robots. They are human beings and deserve to be treated right. Respect them and they will respect you. Make sure you are providing them with their basic needs in order for them to help you whole heartedly! I'm sure soon enough you will find a good housemaid and just hope this time that she sticks around because you would not want to take all the household responsibility on your shoulder. Trust me your shoulders will begin to ache!

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