How to Convert UAE Driving License to Saudi Driving License?

Today we shall be discussing the detailed procedure of converting a UAE driving license to the Saudi Driving License. If you have a valid driving license of UAE and want to move to Saudi Arabia, you don’t have to start the process of driving license from scratch. You can just get the driving license of Saudi Arabia in replacement of UAE driving license. However, the replacement of UAE Driving license with the Saudi Driving License is just an option. The normal way of applying for the driving license of Saudi Arabia is always open for all the expatriates and GCC residents coming to Saudi Arabia. I have explained the procedure of applying for Saudi driving license in the normal way in this link “Apply for Saudi Driving License”. In short, there are two ways of applying for the Saudi Driving License if you already have a driving license of UAE i.e. get Saudi driving license in replacement of UAE driving license or apply for a new license. Whichever method you choose, you need to consider some factors which are explained in the end of this article.

Documents required for replacing UAE Driving License with Saudi Driving License: In order to apply for the conversion of UAE Driving License with Saudi Driving License, you will have to visit Dallah Driving School with following documents.

  • Original Iqama and Copy of Iqama
  • Original UAE Driving License and its copy
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Letter from Sponsor authorizing you to get driving license
  • Copy of passport and copy of Saudi visa page
  • It is very important to take your blood group report with you; otherwise, they will collect a full bottle of blood from you just to check your blood group. They charge SR 150 if you perform blood test there.

Saudi Driving License form must be filled in Arabic. If you don’t know Arabic, you can take assistance from the agents located in front of Dallah Driving School. They will charge you SR 15 to 20 to make your file. It is better to take their assistance in this regard. Your UAE Driving License will be stamped with this file.

Deposit SR 80, if you want to apply for 2 years, 200 for 5 years and 400 for 10 years. You can pay this amount through SADAD payment from your internet, phone or ATM Banking. Take a print out of this deposited fee.

Few people have commented that one of the requirements to convert UAE driving license into Saudi Driving license is to get an NOC from UAE traffic police. While I am not sure about how to get this NOC from UAE traffic police, I can guide you about the procedure to check traffic violations under UAE driving license. If you don’t have any traffic violation under your iqama, you can take a print of it and produce it to them in lieu of NOC.

Procedure to apply for the conversion of UAE Driving License into Saudi Driving License

When you have a ready file in your hand, you need to go to the window for Eye Test. Since you are applying for the replacement of UAE Driving License into Saudi Driving License, it is more likely that they just fulfill this formality and sign and stamp the form.

After this, you need to take your first trial. You can ask for an automatic vehicle if you are not comfortable in driving a manual vehicle. Most probably the guy who is taking trial will be Saudi with minimal understanding of English. So, it is better if you know some basic Arabic words like Right, Left, Stop, Start and Reverse. You need to show your iqama to the guy taking the trial.

In the trial, take care of few things. The guy who is taking trial will pressurize you to start quickly; this is just a tactic to build pressure. You should not be hurried, take your time to adjust your seat, side mirrors, back mirror, and steering. Tide your seat belt and ask the guy who is taking your trial to do the same. Drive slowly and listen to what he says carefully.

Most probably, he will ask you to drive a car in the round circle. It is very easy to drive if you have already appeared in UAE test. Even if you are not able to drive properly, he will pass you as it is just a formality. He will give you a letter that you have passed the driving test. He will also guide you about the next window to go.

Submit your file and your original UAE Driving License to that window, they will take this file and process your Saudi Driving License. You will be having your Saudi Driving License in your hand within 30 mins.

Factors to consider while making decision to convert UAE driving license into Saudi Driving License

If you keep the UAE driving license and go back to UAE within two years of your final exit from UAE, you will have to chance to get it renewed by the authorities without going through the procedures to get a new driving license. If you don’t go to UAE within two years of final exit from UAE, UAE driving license will be useless for you. So, if you are intending to stay Saudi Arabia for more than two years, you should replace your UAE Driving License with Saudi Driving License.

It is easier to apply for the Saudi Driving License even in the normal way. It is not like applying for UAE Driving License. In Saudi Arabia, you can get it very easily.

Mohammed Afzal: I converted my UAE driving license to that of KSA within a day. It`s an easy way of getting Saudi license but the problem is you will have to give your license to the police and he will not return it back. Having said that, you can anytime get a duplicate UAE license for dirham 300 from Abu Dhabi and dirham 220 (DON`T KNOW EXACTLY THE AMOUNT) from Dubai if your license was issued from any of these emirates. My advice is if you are still in UAE and are planning to work and live in Saudi Arabia then get a duplicate license before you leave UAE so that you can replace the duplicate UAE license with Saudi driving license.

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