Procedure to get On-Arrival Visit Visa of Bahrain by Road for Iqama Holders

Bahrain is a very good place to visit if you are living in Saudi Arabia. In this article, I shall be writing about the procedure to get On Arrival Visit Visa of Bahrain through Causeway for Iqama Holders.

Especially, people who are living in cities of Dammam or Khobar of Saudi Arabia, they can travel to Bahrain very easily. Bahrain is not very different from the land of Saudi Arabia as far as the natural environment is concerned but you can enjoy more openness in Bahrain than in Saudi Arabia. Also Read: Get On Arrival Visit Visa at Bahrain Airport for Iqama Holders

How to Travel? It is suggested to travel Bahrain on your own car. If you are living in a remote city like Jeddah and don’t want to drive that much, you can book a ticket to Dammam airport and then rent a car from there.

Rent a Car: Tell them that you want to drive it to Bahrain and they will issue you an authorization to drive it to Bahrain. You can also take Taxi but they charge a lot of money like SR 250 to drop you there.

Driving a car yourself is the easiest and cheapest way as you will be using this car even in Bahrain to travel. Also Read: Applying for eVisa to Bahrain for GCC Residents

If you don’t know the route map to go to King Fahad Causeway, you can search it on Google Maps on your mobile phone. Once you are on King Fahad Causeway, you will be starting feeling that you are going out of the congested environment of Saudi Arabia.

King Fahad Causeway: View on both sides of the Road is amazing. Even if someone is not going to Bahrain, he should travel to the King Fahad Causeway with his family for a recreational tour. Just before the border where immigration starts, there is a beautiful picnic spot for families. Also Read: 6 Things to do on Causeway to Bahrain

Immigration Counter: Once you reach the immigration point, you will have to give your passport, exit re-entry visa, and Iqama to the officer. GCC residents will have to show the Iqama.

If you are a frequent traveler, it is better to get multiple exit re-entry visa with you. You can apply for the exit re-entry visa of your dependents yourself by following this link. “Apply for Exit Re-Entry Visa

Fee for Bahrain Visa from Saudi Arabia: They will charge you BD 2 (for 3 days) to BD 5  (for 1 or 2 weeks) based upon the duration of your stay in Bahrain and let you enter the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Duration of Visa: If you are entering to Bahrain from King Fahad Causeway, immigration officer of Bahrain issues 14 days single entry visa.

Conditions to get On Arrival Visit Visa of Bahrain: The Causeway Visit Visa (Saudi resident) is only granted subject to the following terms and conditions;

01-Validity of Passport: Passport must be valid for the length of time you will be in Bahrain, or the length of the visa, whichever is longer. If your passport validity is in doubt, you may be denied entry to Bahrain. However, it is better to go there if your passport has at least 6 months validity

02-Profession on Iqama: Unlike UAE and Qatar, you can get the visa for Bahrain irrespective of the profession you have on your Saudi Iqama.

03-The Validity of Iqama: Applicant must have had a current resident permit of Saudi Arabia for at least 3 months and it should also be valid for next 3 months. You can Check Iqama Expiry Date Online.

Useful Tip to drive in Bahrain: If you don’t know about the road maps of Bahrain, it can be a problem since you will be driving the car yourself. I would suggest you download a full map of Bahrain on your mobile phone at the time when you are within Kingdom.

GPS technology does not need the internet: You should know that GPS technology does not need the internet to tell you your exact location if maps are already downloaded on the mobile phone. What you need to do is to just Zoom in the full route to your hotel and other parts of Manama in your mobile phone once.

It will be automatically saved in your Google Maps application if you are using Android or iPhone. Once you have entered to Bahrain, you should switch off your cellular data since it is very expensive on roaming.

If you have already downloaded the map, you will see that GPS is still telling you your exact location on the map. Enjoy your trip to Bahrain. Also Read: A Tour to Bahrain – Places to Visit in Bahrain

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