SR 300 fine for any kind of transcription on your Vehicle

Drivers will be fined SR 300 if we find any kind of transcription written on your vehicle’ informs the spokesman of the Jeddah police department Mr. Zaid Al-Hamza. He further justified this statement by informing that he finds such acts very unethical and uncivilized. Further getting into detail, he explained that any kind of poetry, personal messages or phone numbers are strictly prohibited. He highlighted that the major culprits of such ‘unacceptable’ behavior are mostly found to be teenagers, a young man and those driving large trucks for pickups and dropping services. They believe that by doing so they will succeed in diminishing such ‘uncivilized’ acts out of the streets of Saudi Arabia.

Some Humorous Slogans on Vehicles: Not all taglines are boring ones, in fact, some are humorous as well. I’m not talking about good humor here trust me. The Arab news has reported finding a truck which had a bumper sticker on with the tagline stating that “Bump me with the words I love you and repairs will be at my expense.” (It wasn’t as funny as I think the driver was portraying it to be.) while some trying to act ‘humorous’ the others express their wishes as a driver in an old car expressed his desire for a new one by embossing on his car; “The dream is Lexus but this is the reality.” While another motorist expressed his love and affection for his mother by writing: “In this world, I love only three people: Mom, Mama, and My Mother.” Well that’s cute but hey wait, rules are rules, no exceptions. There were those mean ones as well who wrote: “Those who don't like the way I drive can go to hell.

Slogans in the Views of Experts: While these motorists expressed their thoughts, on the other hand, they were being judged by high court intelligent individuals. An expert at the Jeddah educational department know by the name Abdulaziz Al-Zahrani put forward his idea that some of these messages show from which particular background the individual belongs from and how well he has been brought up. While another employee Tareq Abdullah at a private company in Jeddah, tells us that these messages appear to express the depression being experienced by some young people and so in order to express their feelings, they do it in the form of negative behavior and by using inappropriate phrases.

When taking the opinion of a psychiatric Musfer Al-Mulais on this matter he explains to us that young individuals are always finding ways to express themselves. Some consider this a matter of personal freedom that no one should interfere with, that's why it is so widespread; even if it shows that the person has bad manners.

Most of the people come and agree with` this solution that the young individuals at times when tend to express themselves, are repressed and not allowed to express their school of thought which basically fills up aggression in them which makes them find different ways  to express what they think, be it car messages writing or anything else.

Source: Arab News

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