What do men wear under Thobe?

My previous article “What do women wear under Abaya” was very much criticized by the blog readers. To avoid gender discrimination, today I have come up with the other topic “What is worn under the Thobe?”

When people look at the traditional Arabic thobes that men wear in Saudi Arabia, they often wonder what is worn under it. Well, thobes are the traditional dress for men in the Gulf States particularly Iraq, Saudi Arab and other Arab countries.

It is a long plain dress that looks like a robe, and it goes down to the ankles. A thobe is usually made of cotton material for summers and in winters people also wear thobes made of sheep’s wool.

Thobes are typically worn in light colors that are white, off-white and light yellow colors but during winters this may change to darker and deeper shades.

Now coming to what is worn underneath these thobes, men start off with underwear which is similar to boxers. After that, he may wear a white shirt and white cotton pants.

All these might be white mostly because the color of the thobe is also white and wearing any other color will make the undergarment prominent than the actual thobe.

Depending on the weather, people may opt for long-sleeved shirts or thicker material pants to protect them from the cold. The pants that they wear are also referred to as “sunnah underpants”.

The colors that men wear during winters range from Navy Blue, Black or Brown which look quite nice. Another thing that is observed is that even when men change the colors of their thobes to more darker tones, the undergarments that they wear are still of the same white color.

It can be seen peeking out of their thobes near the ankles. There is no doubt in the fact that these thobes are a traditional Arabic dress that makes them unique. Arabs wear their traditional dress no matter where they are.

They can be seen in these thobes in other European countries as well. This shows how proud they are of their culture and are not afraid to represent their individuality and uniqueness in any part of the world. 

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