Residents call to demolish Haunted Houses in Jeddah

The concept of haunted houses in Saudi Arabia is not new. We have already shared a couple of articles with our readers about the existence of supernatural creatures.

There is no doubt that they exist in the world as Quran acknowledges the existence of Jinns and Demons. In Jeddah, many women talk about haunted houses. In fact, it is a major decision making factor for the selection of houses among residents of Saudi Arabia.

I have been living in the same house since I entered in Saudi Arabia as my wife does not allow me to change it. She is afraid that new house may be haunted and it will be impossible for her to live in it.

If you are living in old areas of Jeddah, you will find some buildings in your area which are closed. No one wants to rent a flat there and people say about it that they are Haunted.

In the area of Aziza Jeddah, I have seen two parks which were closed by the Saudi Authorities on the complaints by the residents of those areas that they are haunted. One is Tehama Park and another one is in front of Pakistan International School, Urdu Section. Tehama Park is now operational but not the other one.

People believe that supernatural creatures live in those houses. No one wants to go even near to that place during night time. Even people don’t park their cars near to those houses.

We have also shared a story of the “most haunted house of Jeddah” with our friends. It is said that 16 people have entered to that house so far and none of them came back. External world does not know what happened to them.

Residents of Jeddah demand that these houses should be demolished as they have become very safe places for the criminals. They come and stay here without any fear as they know that no one will come to ask what they are doing.

Even police do not muster up their courage to enter to these buildings. One person told me that once he was going for Fajar Salah and he found several young boys coming out of one such building, they were all drunk.

They were drinking in such building without any fear. Another resident said that if you just bypass the building in the night time, you can easily smell the narcotics there.

The existence of such buildings in the neighborhood of populated areas of Jeddah poses a serious threat. I think the government should take this matter seriously. Local authorities should identify such buildings and then demolish it.

Source: Arab News

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