What exactly is an “Eye for an Eye” Justice System?

Islam is the religion of justice and equality. Justice is the most important icon of Islam. Sometimes justice is harsh and demanding. Nothing makes an Islamic rule to spare anyone from the punishment of his crime. In the case of any sin, KSA imposes punishments depending on nature of the crime. Once accused person is proved to be guilty, he has to face his punishment in jail. There is another option available for a guilty person to get rid of punishment.

Full Compensation to Aggrieved Party: The aggrieved family may forgive guilty in return for blood money. The common terminology used for blood money is “Diyyah”. It is an open choice for an aggrieved family to set amount and nature of compensation for blood. The guilty has to fulfill their demand if he wants to stay away from punishment. It is also up to victim’s family that the guilty one can be forgiven without any compensation. Islam gives an open choice for complete compensation for victims and also promotes forgiveness for guilty if victim family can offer it for the sake of Allah’s will.

Eye for an Eye is Islamic Concept: Islam introduces a concept of an eye for an eye and a hand for a hand. The judicial system of KSA enforces a law of equal pain to guilty as borne by the victim. Whether it is money loss, physical paralysis or any other injury. A guilty has to pay back the same degree of loss. Different terminologies in the world represent this law of equal loss for guilty as suffered by the aggrieved party. The nature and enactment of all terminologies are same in all parts of the world. According to Islamic principals Qasas, blood money is acceptable punishment for murderer instead of hanging him to death. The purpose of this exception is to relieve tribes from generation to generation disputes. It also facilitates victim family to get financial assistance in case of loss of their earnings source due to death of supporter.

How to take Revenge as per Quran? Islam clarifies through Quran the way of revenge for one’s loss. A life for a life! In case a victim is willing to take blood money he can take this option. These two options are ultimate solutions for blood loss. Quran announces punishment for any other way of revenge that is beyond Islamic laws and is unacceptable in any case. 

Recent Cases of Justice in Saudi Arabia: Recently, There have been many decisions made by the Saudi courts exercising the “Eye for Eye” justice system. In some cases when the victim did not accept the blood money, the court decided to give equal punishment to the perpetrator of the crime.

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