4 Major Challenges faced by expatriates in Saudi Arabia

There are many expatriates in Saudi Arabia who come here in different sectors. Some come for education, few for medical jobs especially lady doctors, some are ambassadors and much other come in different other regards. Most expatriates stay in Kingdom for medical and teaching jobs. They are located in different locations of Saudi Arabia. Expatriates in Saudi Arabia have to face many problems at many steps. They have to reside with other expatriates at different locations in Saudi Arabia. These expatriates find it difficult to get houses for being unaware of the location. They are also unaware of the Arabic language. Some expatriates get housing facilities from employer whereas those who are not facilitated with these compounds have to arrange their own housing. New location, strange area, unawareness of language and cultural difference make it difficult for expatriates to survive in Saudi Arabia with ease.

How to make friends and deal with them in Saudi Arabia? In case Saudi expatriate is a woman, it is impossible for her to live in an alone apartment without a mahram (male member with the legal relationship). It is difficult for an expat female to get involve socially with Saudi women. It takes a lot of time and efforts. One way to recognize people socially is to attend local events, to visit the market and get a membership of Islamic center. If an expat wants to get familiar with neighbors and rest of the community he/she has to become familiar with the Arabic language. The best way to get familiar with neighbors is to invite them to dinner. In order to arrange a [productive and fruitful dinner or party, it is compulsory to get familiar with customs and traditions. Saudi people are so touchy and sensitive regarding traditional values. A single woman expat should avoid inviting a male alone at home as it is against the law of Saudi Arabia. Although social gatherings are good for expats but a little careless act may result in severe consequences.

A lot of Travelling: Traveling for expatriates is also challenging for in Saudi Arabia. In case a group of expats moves together that is a better option than moving alone. Usually, Unawareness about locations and traveling routes may cause difficulty for them to enjoy any trip of traveling event. In this regard, it is appropriate to hire a guide from a specific area or at least search about it on the internet. Nowadays with the help of mobile devices and maps installed in them, it is much easier to move alone. It is also recommended to get an in city map or guide book about main locations of Saudi Arabia if you don’t have it on your mobile phone.

Education of Expatriate’s Children: Another main issue is the education of expatriate’s children. They have to send their children to private schools of their respective countries. These schools require huge amounts as fee charges. Which are sometimes even more than household expenses? Recommended: Procedure for Expats to take admission in the MBBS program in Saudi Arabia, How Expats can study Engineering in Saudi Arabia?

Social Familiarity Issue: Besides residence, traveling and social familiarity there are many other problems faced by expatriates in Saudi Arabia. A major issue relates to their workplaces. Usually, they are treated as the second citizen in Kingdom and this creates a sense of insecurity among them. It further moves down their morale and works efficiency level. Due to these reasons, state can’t get that much productivity from their talents as expected.

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