Why do people always come late in Saudi Arabia?

People working in Saudi Arabia are famous for their habit of procrastination. This habit not only slows down the level of productivity of Saudi economy but also affect business relationships with other countries. Time being the most important entity in this universe should be taken care of in Saudi Arabia. Workforce (which included expatriates and Saudis) in Saudi Arabia at general not only lack time management skills but also suffer from the traditional habit of laziness. Timeliness is not of extraordinary imperatives in Saudi Arabia, as Saudis regularly demonstrate a loose demeanor to time. This can be seen by felt in Saudi Work environment. If you have moved here from a western country, you face this cultural shock in the beginning. Later on, you realize that you have also adapted to this culture where 9 O clock does not mean 9 actually.

One can refer to various social practices that show a timeless approach in regard to every matter of life in KSA. Due dates are not supreme, and there is no incredible feeling of earnestness encompassing due dates. Successive and unscheduled visits to companions and relatives are not viewed as an exercise in futility. It is viewed as impolite to be found taking a gander at one's watch amid any kind of social get-together. If an outsider fixes meeting with any Saudi businessman he/she needs to be there in time. A little delay may cause postponement of meeting or delay of a business deal. At the other hand, if same is to be fixed by a Saudi native with an expatriate, there is a very little possibility of him to be in time. Poor time management is a common issue here which needs to be catered.

A recent column in Saudi Gazette depicted the common problem of punctuality in KSA. Khalid Al Seghayer pointed out VIP personalities who are mostly invited as chief guests at special events. They are expected to come and inaugurate the ceremony but usually, they are one hour or more late for the ritual. This lack of time following not only troubles participants of events but also show an unprofessional picture to of KSA to the world. It not only wastes other people’s time but also shows them a disrespect element. The other person feels humiliated for kept on waiting for hours despite being on time himself.

 It not only has a stringent impact on the economy but also shows no serious behavior. Despite being biggest resources of oil in the world KSA has to face many social and economic issues. The biggest reason of this is a lack of productivity and punctuality. Saudi Arabia is the fastest growing economy of the Middle East and I believe there is a lot of potential in the Human Resources of Saudi Arabia. They just need to do this little mental adjustment which may cause a hindrance between them and success. The purpose of this post is not to criticize anyone but to point out the punctuality issues in Saudi Arabia.


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