Every Shop, Business, Mall closes at prayer time – The beauty of Saudi Arabia

Individuals living in this Kingdom highly appreciate the closure at prayer time because this is considered the best thing in this Kingdom; stop Muslim followers from doing whatever in the world they are doing and make them walk on the path leading to the Mosque, when they are called to do so by their creator, Allah S.W.T. The entire routine of a person stops for several minutes so that he could concentrate on that one thing he actually needs to that is his prayers. As far as people’s shopping schedule is concerned, it can always be planned ahead since if they spare few minutes in a good way, it won’t really matter now, would it?

Though some individuals do believe that time is of the essence and it must be managed in a profitable way in all matters of life. When asked for their set of thinking and solution for this concern, they kept forward the idea that for areas which were commercials, prayer time should be limited to fifteen minutes and as far as the local areas were concerned, the prayer time should be extended to thirty minutes. Well, this individual also believed that no prayer break should be established for important institutions like hospitals, pharmacies, petrol pumps, firefighters, railway stations or airport terminals.

Most of the individuals settled in this Kingdom be it the Muslims or the non-believers praised the unique quality of the salah break; also known as the formal Muslim prayer break. An American stated that he has been working in this Kingdom since a long time now and he simply loves the idea of salah break, it benefits the Muslims while the others get a good opportunity for refreshing themselves. While on the other hand, Muslims across the globe have informed us that they close their business for all the prayers be it zuhr, asr or Jumah (Friday) prayers. Despite being in some other country they understand the importance of salah. They state that they know that their first priority is prayers and second customers.

Have you ever wondered what praying actually signifies? It signifies something a man can ever understand. Prayers are known and in fact also believed to be that dividing line which distinguishes between a Muslim and a non-believer. During the prayer times, no compromises can be made since prayer is at a prescribed time according to the Holy Qur’an.

Though as far as emergencies are concerned for example the pharmacies, there can always be special dispensations since Islam is not as hard as us humans have made it be. In Islam, Allah has given us Muslims a lot of concessions regarding prayer and fasting during travel. Why make Islam so hard when it really isn’t. With all due respect, this article goes to those shoppers who get frustrated by prayer time closures.


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