Is there any Vegetarian in Saudi Arabia?

This huge Kingdom known as Saudi Arabia has millions of expatriates working here from all around the globe. In order to fulfill their cultural needs when one gets homesick and starts to pack bags for his way home because that’s all he can take, then there comes that overabundance of ethnic restaurants to cover up for their emotional traumas saving the day.  It is not at all surprising to be a vegetarian there amongst the other expats, in fact, to my astonishment, there are more vegetarians found amongst the western expats who make a living here. Basically, to keep these hard working men satisfied in this Kingdom so that they don’t run away, they are bribed, wait not in the literal sense, oh no!

But what I mean is that there are Indian restaurants here which particularly serve vegetarian food for these people to give them a boost to make their minds start functioning practically again because this is what happens when emotion takes over. (Sigh) While on the contrary side, Saudis are all about MEAT. I actually mean when I said, meat. It’s nothing to feel awkward about, it’s just this way they are brought up. Like for instance lamb is viewed as a staple in the average Saudi’s diet, there is no changing it. They like to HAVE to have meat in all their meals be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or even SUPPER. (Supper? Ouch.)

Wait, well it’s totally not like that the Saudis don’t like to eat vegetarian food or something like that (can you even resist palak paneer? Yum) it’s just that they have been meat lovers since their ancestors; it’s just carried them. They have been brought up in that superiority background where dishes consisting of meat are considered royal. It’s in their culture; you can’t really question anyone’s culture now, can you? They do like vegetarian dishes but as far as my extraordinary social skills are concerned I haven’t found any single Saudi who would call himself a vegetarian. (Come on it is not that bad being one -.-)

If I’m wrong to correct me, please? Have you ever come across any ‘pure’ vegetarian Arab? By pure I mean to say someone who would proudly put forward his idea of him being a vegetarian. If you have then would you mind conveying my message to him? “Dear Mr. Arab, is it true? Is it? You accept being a vegetarian from the bottom of your heart? (Or I must say stomach.)

Was it easy? I’m so curious to know what exactly made you take this change into action, what exactly motivated you? Was it those tasty dishes or you trying to get on that appearance of oh ‘I’m a Mr. Fit Arab’ I am sorry sir, if I offend you in any direction but to be honest there's nothing to get offended about, being a vegetarian, is just not in your culture and you despite the world knowing this proclaiming you a wholehearted vegetarian is just a bit fishy.”

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