5 Saudis Jailed for 25 Years for following a fake Imam Mahdi

“Five Saudis sentenced to 25 years behind the bars for following a fake Mehdi.” Don’t know the inner story of this hot topic which is on the tongue of every news channel? Well don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for, to update you even with the littlest of things going around. Well, this incident revolves around a man in Kuwait who claimed he to be a prophesied Mahdi and those five innocent Saudis got into the trap of that man who was just bluffing with them for his own personal gains. The court of Riyadh charged the five men guilty for traveling to Kuwaiti to meet the false Mahdi so that they could spread false teachings in the Kingdom. They were sentenced to jail for good twenty-five years and not only this if they didn’t repent they would not be able to leave their jail life even if their captive period had been over.

Why are they Jailed? Not only this they have been giving the label of being banned from even traveling for about five to twenty-five years after they come out of the jail. The judges believed that the punishment they were being received was far less than what they deserved and the judges had come to this outcome after they had consulted with the majority, though a person even suggested these five men to be executed. When both the public prosecutor and the defendants objected to the ruling then the court decided to give them a month to appeal its verdict before it becomes final.

The court made this fact prominent that all the defendants made personal contact with the false Mahdi in Kuwait and helped flourish are believes. They not only helped him financially, administered his website, communicated with him through e-mail, distributed his books and wrote supportive articles on social media but also openly asked people to follow his school of thoughts.

Habitual Sinner: The first member amongst the five members of the group had been caught doing the same thing before as well but he declared his repentance and signed a pledge to never to return to his takfiri (describing others as infidels) ideology before he was released. Then the court charged the second defendant 10 years in jail, the third was sent to prison for 20, while the fourth and fifth were jailed for seven and five years respectively.

The court informed that these defendants considered the Kingdom, its government and its people to be infidels and claimed that anyone who did not believe in their alleged Mahdi was not a Muslim. He was to be true very desperate to make the Kingdom believe in his false school of thoughts. Little did he realize that our faith is not that weak as he thinks it is. Really don’t understand what makes such people even think of doing something so low.

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