A Nurse beaten by 6 Women for not Obeying their orders in Makkah

A nurse faced physical assault by six women at Hera Hospital in Makkah. According to the reports Jumeah Mishak Al-Otaibi, who is a nurse at Hera Hospital she was beaten by relatives of a patient during duty hours. According to the Hospital sources, Jumeah was on duty as per her routine, the son of a patient asked her to remove the tape from the ventilator’s tube place on the mouth of a female patient. The boy considered the tape harmful for his mother and insisted on its removal. The nurse (Jumeah) replied that she would remove the tape after getting doctor’s instructions regarding it. While explaining this she entered into her office and dialed doctor’s phone number.

At the same moment when she was busy in calling doctor, the patient’s son entered the office and threatened her. He started abusing her and tried to harass her by saying he could have beaten her if she were a man. After saying these threatening sentences he left the office. He came back after a while with 2 younger sisters who started arguing and misbehaving with Al-Otaibi. The nurse asked them to not loose their temper. They better need to talk to a doctor about this. All these explanations and attempts to settle the dispute went in vain and they never bothered about listening to what she said to them.

Those two women started assaulting Al-Otaibi.  One of them grabbed her and the other one tried to remove her head scarf. All this activity was continued in front of other nurses, security guard and supervision doctor and other staff of Hospital but none of them cared about rescuing her. The staff of Hospital and doctor on duty at that time saw the whole incident but did not do anything to rescue her. During this activity, four more women joined those two women in that assaulting activity. They hit her brutally and broke her right left leg. Despite fracture, those cruel relatives of the patient did not leave Al-Otaibi. Finally, police intervened to stop the dispute and Al-Otaibi were taken to Al-Zahir Hospital for the treatment of leg fracture and other injuries on the body.

This incident should be condemned by each and every circle of society. Nurses are considered as sacred creatures for devoting their lives for the betterment and recovery of mankind disasters. A case study on assault on nurses in the Saudi Kingdom emphasized that Ministry of Health and Social Issues should be more proactive in protecting the rights of poor nurses. Nurses work as voluntary helpers in Hospitals and often has to face explosive situations. The general view among nurses about violence is that it is part of their job. It is increasing job dissatisfaction level among nurses in Kingdom.

A huge amount of money has to be spent on training of nurses and doctors. In case they would leave their services due to these violence cases it would be a great loss for the Saudi state. Ministry of social affairs should take immediate action on such incidents in order to save the precious human resource.

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