He kept his identity hidden for 18 years of Marriage – Left me with 4 kids

A strange marriage case reported in Riyadh. A Saudi woman Um-Mashari registered a complaint against her husband of fake identity. The story begins 18 years back. Um-Mashari (The victim) was present at General court along with her mother.  They were waiting for a taxi to take them home. The taxi driver started gossips with Um’s mother and taking an abrupt turn he told her mother that he is a bachelor. He mentioned that he is Saudi native and is looking for a well-mannered bride for a peaceful life. His good manners, polite talking style, and decent looks showed that he is a kind man with good intentions. He approached her mother by saying that he needs nothing but a loyal woman for marriage as his bride.

Um’s mother got impressed with his manner and at the spot offered him her daughter for marriage. The man without any hesitation accepted the proposal with gratitude. She added, the very next day of this incident that man came at our place with a number of old men and we got married in witness of those relatives of him. According to Um-Mashari, that man used to speak Arabic in a perfect Saudi accent. There was no indication of his being a foreigner. Her mother asked her son in law to stay with them at their house as they had no male companion. They started living a happy life and the incidentally married couple got a daughter after 2 years of marriage.

Days passed away and nothing happened that could have been quoted as bad. After years’ mother of Um-Mashari died and they further got 3 baby boys. Husband of Um-Mashari registered all children (one girl and three boys) under his name and identity of Saudi Kingdom. Now the couple had 4 kids from their marriage and was leading a contented life.

Life would have spent in the same normal way if another incident did not happen. One day a stranger rang at her door and asked her ‘why we have registered the identity of our children under his name?’ This fact was more than a shock for me and I abruptly called my husband to let him know about the misunderstanding. He not only admitted that he registered our children under name of that person but also forbade me to call him again ever in life. He cut down all relationships and connections with us. This shocking event left Um in despair. Later she came to know that his husband was a foreigner and married her with a forged identity card.

Now Um and her children are facing crucial recognition problems due to non-acceptance of registration under name of an illegal foreigner father. Her son has left school to help her out for house running and her daughter has refused so many proposals due to forged identity issue in Kingdom. In short, Um-Mashari has fallen in great trauma just due to one miss understanding. It is suggested by experts that Ministry of social affairs should work actively to help Um-Mashari in this hour of need.  

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