6 Etiquettes of using Toilets in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Toilets are a bit different from the western part of the world. People from western countries don’t feel comfortable while using public toilets in Saudi Arabia. Well, I think no one feels comfortable while using public toilets generally. The level of cleanliness in public toilets is also below the mark. I have just visited Dubai and was amazed to compare Saudi Toilets with the toilets of Dubai. Cleaners from same countries are employed by Dubai as employed in Saudi Arabia to clean toilets but those toilets were much cleaner than here. Maybe the difference is the emphasis on the management on the cleanliness. In this article, I will be sharing the etiquette of going to the Saudi Toilets so that you don’t do something unintentionally which is not normal in Saudi culture

1.While entering to the toilet, just look around. You might find sandals placed just with the door of the toilet. It means that now you cannot enter to the toilet with your sandals. You will have to wear the sandals designated for this purpose. It also means that floor in the toilet is wet.

2.Don’t expect toilet paper in the toilet. There are only minimal chances that you will find them. In most of the cases, toilet papers are not used in the toilet. Despite toilet papers, a shower is used to clean you and it is called Muslim shower.

3.Be ready for the wet floor in the Saudi Toilets. As I have already mentioned, Saudis don’t use toilet papers in the Toilets. Only replace of toilet papers is the water and they use it to clean the seats. As a result, half of the water goes down to the floor. This is the reason; in most of the malls, you will see toilet cleaners who clean the toilets after every 30 minutes. Even in our office, toilet cleaner is sick of this water pouring technique.

4.Washrooms are also used for Wudu in Saudi Arabia. If you find someone washing his hands, arms, feet and face, he is performing wudu. Don’t stare at him. He is doing a pretty normal thing.

5.Don’t open the door of the toilet unless you are properly dressed up. It is considered very unethical in Saudi Arabia that you are coming out of washroom zipping up the pants.

6.Never ever even try to enter the ladies portion if you are male. If you don’t understand Arabic, better to confirm from someone before entering. The consequences of entering in ladies toilet can be very harsh. You may have to call for an ambulance to carry you back to your home.

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