Saudi Women’s Inherent Love for Gold Jewelry

Don’t you think that Arab women have more jewelry than they need? Or let’s say they are ‘given’ more jewelry than they need? Yes? No? Oh well, at least I believe so that they do. Not just because local Arabs are just too rich but maybe because it is a symbol of love, affection, and security. The quality of gold jewelry available in Saudi Arabia is very high.  When a young girl for the first times gets her ears pierced lets says at the age of 4 to 6 months tends to get gold or diamond earrings to mark her sexuality. (But wait, isn’t that obvious? I mean why would a guy get his ears pierced on the first place??) not only this but as she grows older, daddy’s little princess tend to get gold very frequently, mostly by his own King.

Don’t you wish you were an Arab as well? However, at times on particular ceremonies, she gets the ownership of fancy gold jewelry somewhat maybe a bracelet or a necklace. The gold story just doesn’t end here, when the girl becomes a lady and reaches her stage of marriage she receives immense amounts of gold from everyone around her either it is her parents, husband, friends or family in form of gifts for her security for her later marital troubles. Well not to forget to mention that this ‘gold gifting’ continues for a lifetime whether it is her birth announcement or Eid celebrations. As for the modern Arabs, valentines, mother day, birthdays and men traveling alone bring back their wife gold, well I think these are just another excuses for the men to give their pretty ladies gold. GOLD GOLD GOLD, oh my, it just doesn’t stop! (don’t you wish you were an Arab as well?)

Loving Gold Gifting Tradition: Let’s call gold giving a tradition since I am myself a happy victim of it. When I reached Saudi I was presented with gold from the most random of people whom I didn’t even have a clue of but I was just this lucky because they were my husband’s longtime friends so he assured me that gold gifting was a tradition over here. (YAAY! Who doesn’t like gold?) But you understand that It’s just not any tradition anymore when you come across the fact that if a man decides to remarry or both the couple is going through an unhappy marital life then he gives his wife gold to overcome the guilt and disappointment trying to cheer her up.

The gift is not the only form of gold, it is given at times to show that a person is sorry and asks for forgiveness in form of presenting gold. While the Arab women get happy with gold chunks thinking of it as her security deposit, most of the other women throughout the world would discourage her man to give her jewelry. It’s not just really about the gold you see, it’s about the tradition one has been brought up in. Though the question is still unanswered, is gold really that important?

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