A Yemeni executed for molesting and murdering 2 Asian Housemaids in Saudi Arabia

A Yemeni was beheaded on Thursday for assaulting and murdering two Asian housemaids in Yanbu. Two housemaids were assaulted and murdered in separate incidents by the same person. This cruel man “Awdah Salem” also poured the acid on the body of the one of the victims to hide her identity. After pouring acid on her body, the remains were hidden at different locations. These two housemaids were murdered in 2007 and 2008.

Awdah Salem confessed that he persuaded one of the two housemaids in the year 2007 to run away with him. When she ran away, he raped and after that killed her. After that, Awdah Salem threw away his body into an abandoned well which was located 18Km away from Yanbu. He also confessed that he raped another housemaid in an industrial area of Yanbu and after that killed her by hitting a stone on her head in 2008. After that, he buried the body in the Yanbu beach.

Police was notified about the second dead body some weeks after she was buried. After that, they started tracking the culprit and finally found him. Further investigation into the life of Awdah Salem also revealed that he used to abuse his wife and children. After confession was made in front of the court, the court decided to execute him as the charges are very sensitive in nature. Finally, he was beheaded on 7th August. May Allah save us from this kind of incidents!

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