A Saudi Restaurant charges extra money for leftover food in your plate

Food is one of the basic necessities for all living beings. If not provided an adequate amount, a person can suffer from malnutrition which is a dangerous and at times even fatal condition if not treated in time. We are blessed to have complete, filling meals two or in some cases even three times in a day. But there are many across the globe that do not even have access to one proper meal in a day. Imagine that!!! Yet one of the most common habits we have is wastage of food or not finishing our meal in Saudi Arabia. The reason behind this is simply that we take for granted what we have and do not realize how important that little leftover food might be for the one who hasn’t eaten properly in days.

A restaurant owner in Saudi Arabia realizes the importance of this apparently casual act and has established a rule that people who leave food on their plates will be charged extra for wasting food. The reason for doing so is the amount of wastage of food that he observed that prompted him to take such a step as millions all over the world are literally starving and do not have access to proper food. Through this, he hopes to make people realize how blessed they are and how they shouldn’t be abusing that privilege. Leaving the food on the plate is a common practice in Saudi Arabia but one of the possible reasons for this is also the portion size that we get at restaurants which are plenty. Many people are not able to finish it all in one go. Such people should get a parcel made of the leftover food and take it home with them so that it does not cause wastage.

Personally, I make it a point to not leave any food on my plate even if the last few bites have to be forcefully eaten. My mother made it a point to always make me realize that around one-third of the world population does not have access to a basic three times a day meal. But most of us do not realize this reality and waste such huge amounts of food daily. One would be shocked if they accumulate the amount of food they have wasted in say, a year. It is enough to feed so many people who are starving!

Hence it is advisable to try and not leave food on your plate and to contribute a little towards the humanity by doing your part and empathizing with those who are not so fortunate as your own self.

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