Top 5 Trending Abaya Trends and Designs in 2018

Abaya, the loose cloak, which is worn by Muslim women around the world, is often considered as a boring outfit. So much so that when the word Abaya is heard, a loosely fitted ordinary and simple black outfit pops into the mind.

For Saudi women, the Abaya holds a great significance as the Abaya is a necessary outfit for the public places. As per current laws, the Saudi women need to wear it in public. For long, the Muslim women have been wearing boring Abayas.

Even though since in the past couple of years, efforts have been made to put forth trendy and colorful Abayas, yet it was not that great you know! Nevertheless, ladies the wait is finally over.

You don’t need to feel bad for wearing a boring Abaya over a great outfit as now your Abaya would be equally great. Indeed this year has come up with great news for ladies out there!

The 2018 Abayas collection is out there and it is amazing. You will not feel bored wearing it as they are classy and eye-pleasing. It is time to tell people that you have a great fashion sense by opting for these Abayas!

The woolen Abaya inside out Abaya: These woolen Abayas are two in one as you can wear them either way. The beautiful woven pattern is a great one.

The Abaya comes in 2 shades: the inner color is lighter than the outer one. Interestingly the Abaya is designed in a way that you can wear both the colors. So you can enjoy two Abayas in the price of one!

The sports Abaya: Women who want to enjoy sports while wearing an Abaya can now do so with ease and comfort. These spots Abaya are classy and trendy along with being comfortable while you walk, jog and perform another exercise.

The woven Abaya: The woven Abaya is a masterpiece I must say. It has an interesting pattern which can make people praise your fashion sense. This is a must to have ladies!

Drape Abaya: The drape Abayas are a great one. These will give you are the perfect look for all occasions and will never let you down!

Embroidered Abaya: These 2018 embroidered Abayas are way too different and classy from the ordinary embroidered Abaya. The top has unique embroidery on it which will help you carry it on both formal and regular occasions!

So what are you waiting for ladies? Go check out the stores and get a new one to add greatly to your wardrobe! If you are interested in stitching your Abaya, make sure you take a perfect Abaya Measurement as a poor fit Abaya causes a lot of problems after wearing.

A couple of years ago, the Saudi government was so strict in implementing the rule of Abaya that a woman was arrested by religious police for removing her Abaya. However, recently some new developments have taken place when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stated in an interview that abaya is not necessary for women.

Source: Destination KSA

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