Saudi Arabia has the world’s toughest working schedule

Saudi Arabia has an active business market and day by day flourishing economy. This development by leaps and bonds is not just about comfort. It is the fruit of hard work. Saudi Arabia work class seems world’s toughest working class. The working year is largest in Saudi Arabia comparatively.  Mercer’s worldwide report stated that the public holidays allowed in Saudi Arabia are just 9 in numbers. Out of 9 holidays 4 for Eid ul fitar, 4 for Eid ul Adha and 1 national holiday for 23rd September.  The number of holiday for Saudi Arabia for a year is smallest among other countries in the Middle East and African region. However, it does not include the Annual Leaves for which each and every employee is entitled to as per Saudi Labor Law. We have covered this topic in another article “Leaves under Saudi Labor Law”

This report further states that in 2014 government employees got 14 annual holidays and 10 days off allowed for the private sector. A comparison with other countries is as follows. Although the number of public holidays is few in Saudi Arabia still workers in the UK, Netherlands and Hungary work even one day more than Saudi Arabia workers. They get only 8 public holidays each year. 12 public holidays are allowed for Austria, 18 for India and Colombia being the greatest number of public holidays. Europe and Finland have 15 public holidays. Other regions of Europe like Sweden, France, and Denmark offer 11 public holidays. Portugal, Belgium, Norway, and Luxembourg have 10 public holidays for the nation.

Germany enjoys the same number of holidays as Saudi Arabia but in some regions, people take 13 days off annually as public holidays. Turkey and Russia give 14 days publicly off. Slovakia 13 days, whereas Croatia, Ukraine, and Poland give 10 days public holiday and 9 days for Serbia and Romania states. According to the mercer report, the highest number of holidays is being enjoyed by India and Colombia and Fewest among them for Hungary, UK and Netherlands i.e. 8days off. The number of public holidays according to Mercer report varies state to state. The united state announces 10 federal holidays only for the public sector.

Latin America comprises of regions of highest and lowest number of public holidays i.e. 18 being highest for Colombia and 7 days off of Mexico being the lowest number of holidays. Canada and North America offer 11 days off. 

Asian region also has varied figures for public holidays. India 18, Thailand and South Korea 16, Japan 15, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia 14, Pakistan 12 and Taiwan and Hong Kong 12 days, Singapore and china 11 days each and Vietnam offers 10 days being lowest among Asian region officially off. These statistics of world public holidays show that Saudi Arabia falls in the category of world's lowest publicly announced holiday’s countries. Employees can get sick and other leaves when needed either paid or unpaid but publically they can only enjoy 9 days off in Saudi Arabia economy class.

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