Restriction on mixed marriages in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia restricts mix marriages or marriage of a Saudi girl or boy with Non-Saudi. This issue has been faced many times by many residents of Saudi Arabia.

After a long haggling of several years, Saudi government allowed mix marriage with several restrictions and conditions in 2011. However, in order to marry a non-Saudi, Saudi people have to get permission.

The permission is given easily if they are relative to each other or if the Saudi is handicapped. I have explained in detail the procedure of getting married with a Saudi Girl in this link.

Have a breath, it is very lengthy process “Getting Married with Saudi Girl”

Saudi Shoura Council gave permission for foreign spouses but for this purpose, prior approval needs to be taken from a government committee. Saudi residents need to follow a long procedure in order to get permission for marriage with a Non-Saudi.

In this regard an application for approval to be forwarded to Saudi committee for this purpose. The committee gives its verdict up to three months for its decision. Final decision varies on circumstances presented by the applicant.

It may accept or reject the case as it deems appropriate. Several restrictions and checks have to be applied in order to get the permission for a mixed marriage. The first thing which the couple has to make sure that marriage never contradicts with the essence of Islam.

A Muslim Saudi can never get married to any Hindu, or spouse belonging to any other religion prohibited in Islam for “Nikkah”.

A proper medical check has to be done for both, especially for a Non-Saudi spouse. An indication of any drug addiction of serious disease results in clear rejection of committee for marriage approval.

The age difference has also to be taken into account. More than 25 years age gap has been announced unacceptable from Saudi martial law authority.

In 2010 the marital law for Saudi Arabia presented draft law for a fine of SR 100,000 and other penalties as well for those who marry with a Non-Saudi spouse without the approval of the government. Further, the law had been ratified by Monarch.

According to Shoura committee of gulf countries spinsterhood has become a worrisome factor for Kingdom. Statistics regarding it are increasing day by day.

According to private sources, the number of spinsterhoods has gone beyond 1.8 million and is likely to reach beyond 4 million in coming 4 years. It is an alarming situation not only for Saudi Arabia but for all Gulf countries.

The biggest factor for this problem is that Saudi men prefer foreign wives despite the fact that there are several curbs and obstacles for this purpose.

The reason for which they prefer foreign wives is a high wedding expenses trend and dowries demand of Saudi spouses. Another reason for preferring foreign spouses by Saudi men is increasing divorce rate among Saudi couple.

During last year, 18,000 marriages out of 60,000 ended within a year of just after few months of the contract. The divorce rate is increasing day by day which is another threat after spinsterhood.