Procedure to Apply for Family Visit Visa through Istiqdam

Sometimes it happens that the application for the family visit visa is rejected for any of your relation despite applying it several times online. The procedure to apply for the family visit visa online is explained in this link. “Apply for the Family Visit Visa Online”.


In such circumstances, the only option left is to try your luck through the Istiqdam office. We have cases when the application made online for the family visit visa was rejected 3 times and then an application for the family visit visa was made through Istiqdam and it was accepted.[irp]

I have explained the procedure of applying for family visit visa through Istiqdam in this article. Total time span required to apply for family visit visa through Istiqdam requires around 3-4 hours in total.

First of all, you need to set an appointment with Istiqdam. They will not honor your request if you go there without an appointment. Check this link in detail for the procedure “Procedure to get Online Appointment with Istiqdam

You need to fill an application form to apply for the family visit visa. You can see the copy of the form on your left hand and you can also get it easily from the Istiqdam office. If you have good relations with government relations officer of your company, he can also download it and give it to you.

The form needs to be filled in Arabic except for the names which should be written in English. It is better to get the guidance of some Arabic person if it is not your first language.

The form needs to be signed by the employer and attested by the chamber of commerce. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce.

A letter of introduction is also required from the sponsor mentioning your name, salary package, profession and date of joining to the company. This letter must be signed by the appropriate authority in your company as it needs to be stamped by the chamber of commerce.

Photocopy of your Iqama and photocopy of the passport must be kept with you.

If you are applying for the family visit visa for your in-laws, the photocopy of the passport and Iqama of your wife is also needed. Normally, they issue family visas for in-laws in case your wife has a medical condition e.g. pregnancy.

In this regard, it is better to get medical certificates of your wife from her doctor and get them stamped by the hospital. Tell the officer on the window that your wife is pregnant.

If you are applying for the mother or father of your wife, you need to have a copy of birth certificate of your wife with you. If you don’t have the birth certificate of your wife, you can apply for the duplicate birth certificate from the embassy or consulate of her country.

When you have all the above-mentioned documents with the originals, you can go to the Istiqdam office and submit them to the respective window for the family visit visa. Keep in mind that all the original documents must be accompanied by the photocopies.

Once the documents are submitted to the Istiqdam, they will issue you Green and White paper. After that, you need to go to the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fill the application online.

After that, you can take a print of that application and go to the MOFA. Keep in mind that this application needs to be signed and stamped by your company and attested by Chamber of Commerce. Recommended: Guideline to Fill Online Application for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Do not forget to keep your Iqama with you otherwise, you will not be allowed entrance to the building of MOFA. If the staff at the MOFA do not entertain your request and ask you to come after Hajj or Ramadan, tell them your wife is pregnant or whatever the emergency is.

If they still do not listen to you, you can always go to their manager who is more supportive. Once the documents are submitted, you can check the status of approval of application online.

The details of the login ID are provided when you fill the application form online. Recommended: Procedure to check Family Visit Visa Application Status

The visit visa obtained from the procedure mentioned must be stamped from the Saudi consulate or Saudi embassy of the respective country within 3 months of its issuance as per the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The validity of Family Visit Visa: Once visit visa is issued, it can be stamped by Saudi Embassy in your home country within 3 months of its issuance date. Once family visit visa is stamped in your home country by the Saudi Embassy, it is valid for 1 month from the date when it is stamped.

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