A Saudi Gynecologist fined SR 2.2 million for a series of medical errors

Saudi female gynecologist practicing at the Gynecology and Maternity Hospital in Makkah was fined SR 2.2 million for a series of medical errors committed by her. The doctor had been referred to the Legal Health Authority four years ago for investigation, after which the authority deemed this decision as appropriate punishment. The lady had appealed to the Chamber of Grievances against the decision but the Chamber supported the decision of the authority keeping in view certain evidence found. The Appeal Court in Makkah also upheld the decision issued by the authority. Meanwhile, Twitter users have started a campaign to save the gynecologist by donating to her bank account.

The careless mistakes committed by the female gynecologist might seem meager to her but they are evidently anything but meager. Especially due to the nature of her profession which is medicine, and the great responsibility that lies on her shoulders these series of mistakes cannot and should not be ignored as this can cause an irreparable damage to the patient and such incidents reduce the faith that people have in their doctors and their heath care system. Any irresponsibility on this level cannot be ignored. By fining the lady with a heavy amount, the healthcare authorities are ensuring that such errors are not committed in the future by any doctor and are in turn ensuring the safety of the people of the Kingdom.

Such incidents of medical errors have been recently increasing with around 1,759 physicians and 1,954 health care practitioners reported to have committed medical errors. This brings to light the issue of education system in the Kingdom, on the students’ side. It can be observed by these medical errors that clearly there is some lacking in the education of the students which is mostly due to lack of attention during studies as well as the inability to transmit proper education through proper, effective methods to the students. But even if the education system does not provide you the necessary resources you require, if you are passionate about your field of study and loyal to your profession there are innumerable resources from where one can attain all required information.

With the internet being the prime source of all study material that even the teachers provide students with, access to good quality material is no longer an issue. Online study groups, forums, dedicated websites to every form of literary articles on every imaginable subject are the most conveniently available and easily accessible mode of study for anyone. Hence it is only a matter of interest and effort that one is willing to put in.

This is indeed a positive initiative taken by the healthcare authorities as it is their job to ensure that doctors do not take a person’s life lightly under any circumstances whatsoever. Hopefully, this will be taken as a lesson by all doctors and healthcare practitioners to ensure that no such mistake is committed in future.

Source: Arab News

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