6 things everyone should know about Pormography in Saudi Arabia

The term porm seems a strange word in the territory of Saudi Arabia. It is a hot topic these days in Saudi social circles. It is difficult to actually realize the depth of this terminology in Saudi culture.

It constitutes laptops, android phones, and flash players. In Saudi culture, it is a prohibited topic to discuss over but people are keen to know about their various questions regarding this topic.[irp]

What is considered Porm in Saudi Arabia? A conservative society like Saudi Arabia where women are restricted to cover themselves completely in public places, it is impossible to adopt any western term. This is the country where even nude arms or legs of a model in advertisements are fully banned.

Even a picture is prohibited in which a women body cuts get prominent. In such a conservative society the idea to buy or introduce a magazine containing porm material can drag you towards difficulty or even in worst circumstances. porm actually means any type of nudity which may not constitute to porm in many other societies.

Will they check my laptop in Saudi Arabia? Many times people reported that their laptops, disks, flash drives are checked by securities while entering in Kingdom, although it does not happen to everyone, it happens randomly to some people.

A general opinion states that Saudi security checks are not that much effective as they are too lethargic to carry on this practice. This practice can be risky for even some people’s personal picture, video or related stuff.  It may lead to an intervention in checking process.

Will I have my Mobile Phone pictures Checked? There are no specific criteria of porm in Saudi culture. Even some bold picture in mobile or laptops would be considered as porm by authorities. This simple reason in Saudi Arabia can term you especially being a woman a prostitute or expat woman by Mutawa (religious police).

There are cases heard by Indonesian and Indian women who were threatened and harassed by Mutawa physically or sometimes even sexually.

Porm on the internet in Saudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia websites are totally banned for porm and related stuff. It is next to impossible to find such stuff in Saudi Arabia. If one considers that he can use proxy servers to surf such websites there is a bad news for them that they can’t opt this activity.

Before entering in Kingdom laptops are set by security authorities in order websites. Moreover, almost all the proxy websites are also banned by the Saudi Authorities.

Porm on the Television in Saudi Arabia: The state where the internet is unable to provide any porm material, is that possible to see any such thing on television? The answer is clearly no. Even western films are censored on TV networks.

All immoral scenes or romantic stuff is totally edited while a serial or film is aired. While the government has put restrictive checks but still some pormography channels could be accessed as due to neighboring countries access it is difficult for the government to block such channels. Even satellite decoder can interpret many such channels free of charge.

Don’t get caught with porm in Saudi Arabia: One while residing in Saudi culture should be careful regarding passing any porm or related stuff. It can cause you in trouble as porm is a wide term in Saudi Arabia.

Even an unacceptable or bold picture can get you caught by religious police. This thing can easily put a charge of distributing pormography in society. The results would be a total disaster.

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