Only Rich Saudi Residents can afford Hajj Nowadays

Hajj is an obligatory journey to the holy house of Allah. In fact, it is one of the five pillars of Islam. Every Muslim wish to visit Makah at least once in his life. Now a day this dream has gone quite difficult for the middle class. Even rich people find it difficult to perform Hajj in case family members are more in number. Every year Hajj prices get doubled from previous one. No matters people are going to perform Hajj inside or from abroad. It is far costly for both of the entities. For people living inside Saudi Kingdom, Hajj campaign charges range from SR 2,500 to SR 100,000/- in some cases. The average cost to perform hajj is SR 8,000/-. Those days are gone when it was possible to perform holy obligation within affordability level of a middle-class person.[irp]

The middle class in the current scenario is unable to perform hajj within their salaries or income limits. As there are many other compulsory expenses of life. With such income line, it is going out of their hand to perform hajj obligation especially if they are more family members. If per head cost is SR 8,000/- and 5 members of the family want to perform hajj they would have to incur SR 40,000. It is impossible for the middle and low class of Saudi Arabia. Although Government has launched some campaigns for those who want to perform hajj between SR 2500 to 5000. 42,000 seats were specified for those candidates with an online registration poll. It took just 24 hours to completely reserve all seats. We don’t even know who got these seats.

The main thing which is to be focused on this issue is the role of government. The government should start campaigns of a simple hajj custom. VIP culture should be discouraged. People should live in tents or cheap compartments, should eat simple food, and wear a uniform white Ihram. This practice would lead towards and awareness regarding soul of hajj. The basic purpose of hajj is equality. In fact, Allah has emphasized again and again in Quran that those who are wealthy should visit Allah’s house at least once in their lives. Simplicity in hajj journey will promote equality. It would motivate masses to live together in one place, eat same without any discrimination. This is the basic message of Hajj.

Being Muslims we seek reward of good deeds just from Allah. If rich section of society distribute some of their wealth in hajj supporting activities it can make Hajj quite easy for masses. Airlines should offer discounted rates for hajj pilgrims, food and clothing companies may cut down their prices for hajj visitors and those having wide accommodations should welcome economy section of society for a comfortable stay during Hajj days.[irp]

During khilafat natives of Makah used to welcome and felt proud by helping outsiders and needy sections of Arab for their better performance of Hajj obligation. If people of Saudi Kingdom become as generous as Makah natives used to be during Hajj days specially it can make hajj quiet easy and full of satisfaction and enjoyment for all sections of society.