Final Exit within Probation Period

I want to go to final exit within probation period and comeback to Saudi Arabia with a new visa, please advise.

Question by Visitor: I came here to KSA working for A, I did not like the situation and found another job at company B. I am still in my probation period. I will not be asking my company to do any Iqama transfer as most likely this will only cause me problems, so I am keeping it short, and will only tell them that I am not happy and do not want to proceed. And company B would later issue me a new Iqama.

Having said all that, I found a house which I like, and I have not yet paid or signed any contracts, nevertheless, I want to keep the house as it was hard to find, so I will be paying the landlord a 6 months’ pay and then leave. Will this be ok? Or do I have to close all my ends in KSA before leaving? Is it not ok to keep an active rent even after leaving? What is advised in that case?

I opened a bank account but have not yet neither deposited any money in it, nor produced any credit cards. Do I have to do anything regarding the bank? Or is everything in good shape and I can keep the account open without a problem?

Should I be paying the costs which the company has paid so far? Like costs of issuing my Iqama, my flights, family yellow paper and VISAs? As Saudi labor law does not touch on this matter.

When should I issue the police clearance and how much time does it usually take? I do that from any police station?

Answer by Steve

There is no problem in keeping the house under your custody by paying advance rent. However, houses are easily available here so there is no reason of committing yourself in such kind of activity.

You cannot operate same bank account when you will come back on new visa. You should either close it or do not deposit any money in it.

Legally, they cannot charge this money from you. This is the cost which needs to be paid and burdened by employer. For more details, please read this article “Rights of Employees under Saudi Labor Law” But generally companies ask their employees to pay this cost.

If you are intending to come back to KSA, there is no need for the police clearance. However, I have explained the procedure in this article. “Procedure to Get Police Clearance Certificate during Stay in Saudi Arabia

Comment by Visitor: One more question, I have read elsewhere in your website something interesting. Where you told somebody has the legal right to ask for transfer or exit visa if he is within his probation period. Does that mean that I can ask them to do a transfer instead of exit visa? And they would legally be bound to do that? Or is it best to not mention the other job, and just say I do not like it here, and I want to go back? Thanks.

Answer by Steve: You can request final exit or transfer legally from your employer. He is bound to process your final exit visa but giving NOC is at his discretion.

Comment by Visitor: Thanks for your clarification. I'll go with final exit VISA. Again, thank you VERY MUCH for your valuable advice and this awesome website. VERY educational and much needed.